Apple dethrones Lenovo in China sales

Despite Lenovo's continuous growth in the rapidly expanding Chinese PC market, it wasn't enough to keep Apple from briskly leapfrogging to the top spot.

Lenovo intros three tablets, one with Windows 7

Computer manufacturer Lenovo has just tossed new flames into the tablet fire, including a rare Windows-powered iPad competitor.

Lenovo's IdeaPad still exists, will cost $1300

Lenovo's next great tablet computer will br priced at a whopping $1300. But even though it's more than twice as expensive as an iPad, this ain't your momma's tablet.

Lenovo will show tablet at CES, but which one?

When we're not talking about 4G or 3D at next month's CES, one of the major focuses will be the multimedia tablet market, an area that didn't really even exist until the launch of the iPad.

Lenovo's LePad joins Android tablet party

The tablet train is now officially rolling. Earlier this week, details came out about HP's WebOS-based multimedia tablet as well as an Android tablet from Asus, and now Lenovo is joining in the fray.