Two Kinect games leaked ahead of E3 unveiling

At the last minute, someone has finally managed to pop the lid on Microsoft's E3 secrets.

Kinect + old Xbox 360 = red rings of death

If you have an Xbox 360 that was made before the year 2010, be careful before you go out to buy a Kinect and a whole bunch of games. You know what you'll get for those hundreds of dollars? A big headache.

Microsoft wants to quadruple Kinect's accuracy

Even though Kinect has been hyped as one of the most sophisticated motion tracking devices in the history of video games, Microsoft is reportedly already looking into ways to make it even better.

Kinect helicopter looks like something from the future

What happens when you mount an Xbox Kinect camera on top of a wireless "quadrocopter"? You get one of the coolest contraptions ever documented on YouTube.

Independent game developer sees no difference in Kinect vs Move

So, if you listened to everything Microsoft said about Kinect compared to everything Sony said about PlayStation Move, you'd think they were radically different, diametrically opposing pieces of technology. But when we turn to an actual game developer, the story is much different.

Kinect already reaches million-sales milestone

Perhaps all of Microsoft's lofty marketing speak and sales goals were a little bit more tethered to reality than one might have thought, as the software giant has announced an important milestone for Kinect.

Kinect wants to track your movements...for advertisers

Did you know thanks to the Kinect motion camera, Microsoft can now see how you play your Xbox 360 games? And it wants to send this information to marketers.

Kinect's first week just shy of a half million

It's a good, solid start fo Microsoft's new Xbox 360 motion camera, but it's only a start. Microsoft probably would have hoped for a bigger injection into the market, but if it keeps this pace it could succeed.

Microsoft knows how to throw a Kinect party

I'm still getting over my hangover from last night's festivities, but as I look over my more than a half dozen free t-shirts, umbrellas, beanie cap, ponchos, Burger King gift cards, Xbox Live Gold yearly membership, AND two free Kinect games...I can only imagine how much money was poured into this illustrious event.

Xbox 360 Kinect pre-orders sold out at,

Microsoft may have a hit on its hands with its latest Xbox 360 peripheral, as two of the leading online retailers are already posting unavailability of their pre-order stock for the November 2 launch of Kinect.

If you want to see Oprah trying Kinect, watch today

When you think of Oprah, the latest video game technology probably isn't something that immediately comes to mind. But the queen of talk will welcome the Xbox 360 Kinect into her studio today.