Apple lobbying for 'unlimited' iTunes downloads

Apple is reportedly looking into the feasibility of letting users download a song from iTunes as many times as they want after they pay for it, a move that quite honestly should have been around for quite some time now.

Woman hangs up on $10,000 iTunes call

It may sound ridiculous to think that someone would hang up on a call offering them a free $10,000 iTunes gift card. But then again, in this world of baiting telemarketers, it would sound ridiculous if someone didn't do the same thing.

Brazen hacker tries to sell iTunes accounts online

It's the equivalent of trying to commit a crime in broad daylight, so it's not surprising that it took only a short amount of time for Chinese officials to react to the sale of stolen ITunes accounts on a Chinese e-tailer.

Apple to now offer 90-second song previews on iTunes

If you're browsing songs and iTunes but those 30-second previews just aren't enough to let you decide whether or not it's worth it, here's some good news. Every song on iTunes now gives users a 90-second preview.

Apple iTunes hack affected 0.00003% of users

The fact that someone actually dug into a security hole and hacked personal iTunes accounts is nothing to be overlooked, but final details reveal that only about 3 out of every 1,000,000 iTunes account holders were affected.

Apple closes Lala - is on the way?

Apple has announced that it plans to close down its Lala music streaming service, indicating that it may be planning to turn iTunes into a cloud-based service.