New update brings iTunes to version 10.2.1

Apple has released a new versions of iTunes music platform, but its release notes are exactly the same as the previous iteration of the software, leaving everyone to wonder what exactly was changed behind the scenes.

Huge increase in deafness linked to iPods

IPods and MP3 players may be making teenagers deaf, new research suggests.

Apple working on 99-cent TV show rentals: report

At $1.99, buying an episode of a TV show on iTunes and other digital download sources is pretty cheap, but Apple may be hammering out a way to let consumers view that content even cheaper.

Peronal fuel cell powers gadgets with water

A Singapore-based company has launched a portable fuel cell that can power gadgets using only water.

DoJ to examine Apple's iTunes business practices

The Justice Department is looking at Apple's iTunes business, according to the New York Times.

Overseas iPod factory consults exorcist after rash of suicides

Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturer that is responsible for creating iPods, Xboxes, Kindles, and cell phones, has brought in an army of counselors and even an exorcist to figure out why dozens of people continue to attempt suicide, and more than a handful have succeeded.

Downloads prop up faltering music sales

Digital music sales continue to rise, with iTunes now the leading source of music in the US.