Chase iPhone update enables mobile check deposits

Have you ever wished that when someone handed you a check, you could instantly turn it into cash, right then and there? Well, the Chase iPhone app has made your dream come true.

Best Buy employee fired for mocking iPhone fans

A Missouri Best Buy employee has been suspended and is expected to be fired because of a video he posted to Youtube mocking iPhone fans.

Verizon disses iPhone 4 antenna

Verizon knows how to run a successful "attack ad" campaign. Its commercials that blasted AT&T's fractional 3G coverage area hit big, and now it's poking fun at the whole iPhone 4 antenna problem.

IPhone 4 lawsuits pop up: let the games begin!

Despite Apple's strong attempts to just sweep this issue under the rug, a handful of class-action lawsuits have already been filed over the widely publicized iPhone 4 reception issues.

It costs Apple $187.51 to make an iPhone 4

The metal and gadgetry that holds everything together in the iPhone 4 costs $187.51, roughly $20 more than the components of an iPhone 3GS.

iPhone iOS4 problems require new level help

Apple releases phone troubleshooting manuals online. IT managers clamber for iPhones to save tech support jobs.

Apple patching iOS reception glitch next week?

If comments posted on Apple's official forums are anything to go by, there may be a firmware update to the new iPhone OS platform as early as next week and it expected to target the issue of customers losing reception just from touching the edge of their phone.

Islam v. Internets II: Fundamentalists Strike Back

No good can come of censoring the Web, but it doesn't seem to bother Pakistan. iPhone 4 not sufficiently blasphemous to get banned, but hipsters may be lashed.

Thousands line-up for crappy reception

The Internets are abuzz with news of thousands of people camping out for new phones that have serious design flaws. This phenomenon is known as "I believe everything Geezer Mossberg says."

App Store really doesn't make any money

Apple's making peanuts out of the app store, according to a financial analyst who says it's netted less than half a billion dollars since its launch two years ago.

Verizon getting iPhone next year... for real, this time?

If Verizon gets its own version of the iPhone in early 2011, as Barclays PLC is now predicting, it could lead to 9 million new Verizon activations and a switch-over for as many as a million AT&T customers.

Apple to store and share users' real-time location data

Apple is collecting the precise, real-time location of iPhone and iPad users, and passing it on to other organisations.

Apple cancels some "successful" iPhone 4 pre-orders

After an extraordinary mess with last week's iPhone 4 pre-order system, some of the lucky users who were actually able to get an order in are now being told their order was canceled.

T-Mobile jumps to the front of the line to get iPhone, maybe

While most talk of a non-AT&T iPhone has been directed at the #1 carrier, Verizon, there's a growing thought that T-Mobile may be the first new service provider to carry the Apple phone.

AT&T dives off the deep end, expunging unlimited data

Someone had to be the first, and AT&T decided that it would be the one to take the plunge - the carrier has announced that it will completely eliminate unlimited data service from new mobile subscription plans.

Google helps you find the right iPhone app

That's not a typo in the headline; Google has updated its mobile search engine so that people who run a search from their iPhone will be provided with a list of matching apps.

Jobs says Hon Hai factory is just lovely

Steve Jobs says conditions are fine at the Chinese factory where staff have been hurling themselves off the roof in recent weeks.

40% of 2010 iPhone sales have been to businesses

AT&T made a quick blurb today that year-to-date sales of the iPhone have been more heavily concentrated with business customers than has been typical with the consumer-oriented device.

Millions bewildered by cellphone 'bill shock'

One in six cellphone users has been hit with an unexpected bill that didn't reflect their monthly service plan, according to a report produced by the Federal Communications Commission.

AT&T early termination fee rising to $325

Are you tired of getting too many dropped calls on your iPhone? Well, you better just suck it up because soon, if you wanna cancel your wireless contract it's gonna set you back hundreds of dollars.