Apple and RIM: no more fart apps. Everyone else: Yay

In the world of smartphone apps, there's one universal problem that everyone can agree is really stupid: fart apps. So Apple and RIM have both decided to eliminate them altogether.

Ad traffic grows on Android as iPhone falls flat

One advertising firm has revealed that its reach on Android devices has only continued to grow while an iPhone plateau is causing Apple to take a backseat, suggesting the iPhone is losing ground in a very important market.

Overseas manufacturer says CDMA iPhone 4 on the docket

Taiwanese manufacturer Pegatron has spilled the beans on the production of a CDMA version of the iPhone 4, all but confirming that the Apple phone is heading to Verizon in just a few months.

AT&T "not worried" about loss of iPhone exclusivity

As the carrier with the highest number of dropped calls, lowest customer satisfaction rating, and smallest 3G coverage area, AT&T's lifeblood over the last few years has been its iPhone exclusivity.

China to open its doors to the iPhone 4 on Saturday

Apple will be getting a Chinese stamp in its passport yet again as it plans to launch the iPhone 4 in the gigantic nation this Saturday.

Yahoo CEO has the gall to diss Apple

Carol Bartz, the CEO of Yahoo, has nothing but bad things to say about Apple's iAd mobile advertising platform. Yahoo!? Really?

Despite Apple's arrogance, Consumer Reports still snubs iPhone 4

Even though Apple now suddenly claims that the iPhone 4's antenna problems are even less of an issue than it originally stated, Consumer Reports cannot agree with that statement.

Free iPhone case offer won't be renewed, so buy now

At this point, Apple's attitude about the iPhone 4 is, "If you're worried about our faulty antenna, tough luck." The company's deal to give customers a free case to protect the antenna will end at the end of the month.

JPMorgan trades in corporate Blackberries for iPhones

In what is perhaps the most devastating move for Blackberry's dominance in the enterprise phone market, one of the biggest companies in the US is testing a new plan that would ditch its employees' Blackberries and give them iPhones instead.

Average smartphone owner has 27 apps

It's an app world after all. Mobile users are getting more app-hungry every day, and a new report from Nielsen shows just how important apps are to the mobile landscape.

T-Mobile will apparently get iPhone 3GS by end of year

Calmly rising up among a veritable swamp of Verizon iPhone discussion and rumors, a Tweet from Wired's editor in chief now suggests that T-Mobile will actually be the first outside of AT&T in the US to get its name on an Apple phone.

Netflix packs a pocket punch to iPhone, iPod Touch

Adding to its slate of support on the iPad as well a game systems, Blu-ray players, and Internet-connected TVs, Netflix has now found millions of potential new homes with support for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Dallas man watches live on iPhone as home is robbed

For Dallas resident Vince Hunter, the $4.99 he paid for his iCam iPhone app proved to be more than worth it when he was notified about motion sensors going off in his house and then watched in real-time as burglars broke through his windows.

Credit card scanner comes to iPhone, Apple Stores

Business software specialist Intuit is bringing an entire credit card payment solution to the iPhone, an addition that will help boost the device's presence among small business users.

Google updates iPhone app for seamless Gmail access

Let's face it - even if you're not a Google Android fanboy you probably still have a Gmail account. Google has just rolled out a new mobile app that makes checking that e-mail account a bit easier on the iPhone.

Apple aims to patent kill switch for jailbreakers

Apple's continuing in its efforts to dictate exactly what its products are used for by applying for a patent on a way to prevent iPhone and iPod users from jailbreaking their devices.

R2-D2 iPhone case stealing Droid 2's thunder

Geeks across America have been salivating ever since Motorola announced a special edition of its Droid 2 phone designed to look like everyone's favorite little droid, R2-D2, but now an iPhone case maker is trying to steal that thunder.

Arab teen's iPhone app reaches 800,000 downloads

Abdulrahman AlZanki is credited with quite possibly being the youngest entrepreneur in Kuwait, and at 14 years old he is nearing his millionth iPhone app sale.

Cranking the rumor mill: Verizon iPhone in January?

AT&T continues to shy away from blowing the iPhone horn, Apple is working on new iPhone chipsets, and Verizon has stopped its cocky "we don't need the iPhone" mentality. You know what that means...

Flash runs on iPhone 4. Say wha?

The latest mobile version of Adobe Flash is now available on the iPhone 4. Before you go out and start murdering someone, it's only a hack, and a very rough one at that.