Verizon already getting greedy with iPhone

It seems that even though a Verizon iPhone hasn't been officially announced, the mobile carrier may already be eying options to keep the Apple gadget away from anyone else.

Social iPhone service Game Center requires real name

Apple is throwing a big curveball into the mobile phone game, by saying anyone who wants to play iPhone games online or connect with friends over the Internet will have to let everyone see what their real name is.

"Intelligent stamps" bring snail mail to 21st century

Think snail mail is dead? Well, it's not going down without a fight, as one company is now working on stamps with special connectivity for Android and iPhone devices.

Apple iOS 4.3 update coming next month. Already?

After having just released version 4.2 of its iPhone/iPad software, Apple is already looking ahead to a new update and may be ready to push it out in just a couple weeks.

Yelp makes "checking in" more rewarding

The big trend these days is to use your phone to "check in" wherever you go - whether it's at the airport, a holiday shopping trip, or a local hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Now, thanks to a new service from Yelp, you might start getting special discounts and offers for your willingness to share such information.

New iPhone software is delayed

Apple has just delayed the rollout of its iOS 4.2 update to iPhones and iPads amid strong anticipation and hype. It was supposed to be available today but now Apple has confirmed, it won't.

Apple launches "Hall of Fame" to showcase best apps

If you think wading through 300,000 apps is a cumbersome process - and let's face it, who doesn't think that? - then Apple finally has a solution to your problem of not knowing what the best apps are.

Alert: Reset your iPhone clocks on Sunday or you'll wake up late

A bug in the iPhone operating system software will prevent the device from automatically recognizing Daylight Savings Time this weekend.

Apple now ranks #4 in global phone sales

Go out to the stores and tell me how many Apple phones you find compared to Samsung, Nokia, or LG. That's right - 1. Despite having the leanest mobile phone repertoire in the business, Apple now ranks fourth in global sales.

White iPhone? You ain't seeing that thing until 2011

Apple can build up a global colossal empire, create the most heralded phone platform of all time, and astound us with its unmatched level of arrogance, but there's one thing it can't do: slap a new color on one of its products.

It's Super Twario - a Twitter video game

How much would you pay to access all your Twitter content in an interactive virtual environment? Would you even want to?

AT&T activates a record 5.2 million iPhones

With Verizon expecting to start selling its own iPhone any day now, the effect on AT&T won't be a gradual slowdown, it'll be more like a massive cliff dive.

A creative band's PR stunt - ditch instruments for iPhones

Oh, what some people will do for a little viral publicity...  Actually, seriously, this is pretty cool.

Boy and dad shoot iPhone to space, capture video

The interpid duo put the phone into an insulated capsule which was then attached to a weather balloon. The balloon soared until it went outside the planet and then, at 100,000 feet above its deployment, the balloon burst.

There are now 300,000 apps on Apple's App Store

Think it's difficult navigating through all those available downloads on your iPhone? The App Store is adding 1,000 new titles every day and now totals a mind-boggling 300,000 apps.

Droids, iPhones - a germaphobe's wost nightmare

You always (hopefully) wash your hands after you use the restroom, make sure your countertops are clean, and turn your head whenever you need to sneeze or cough. But that phone sitting in your pocket may be the worst offender of all, and you don't even pay attention to it.

India reportedly now wants a CDMA iPhone

When Apple invests money into creating something new, you know it'll go all the way. So as long as it's creating a new version of the iPhone, it says it may as well start peddling it to other countries that use the same standard.

Verizon iPhone will have dual GSM/CDMA chip: report

The still-unconfirmed Verizon iPhone will be able to take advantage of Verizon's leading coverage area in the USA, but will also be able to make calls overseas thanks to a built-in receiver that not only taps into Verizon's leading CDMA network but also GSM networks as well.

Apple mulls subscription-based all-you-can-eat iTunes

Apple is reportedly considering a big change to its iTunes music service that would give users access to the entire music library for a monthly fee.

New report sheds even more light on Verizon iPhone

A version of the iPhone capable of running on Verizon's CDMA-based mobile network will be manufactured at the end of 2010, leading the path to an early 2011 launch for the device.