Verizon will charge $20/mo to use iPhone as a hotspot

If you want a Verizon iPhone, you'll have no choice but to sign up for an unlimited data package, and if you want to use that data connection on another device it'll cost you an extra $20 a month.

Unlike AT&T, Verizon wants unlimited iPhone data

AT&T shook the world last year when it stopped offering unlimited data plans because, as assumed by many insiders, of the iPhone's tax on mobile data. But Verizon's taking a different approach. In fact, if you get a Verizon iPhone you may have no other option other than to take an unlimited data plan.

Best Buy teases white iPhone 4

Consumers who held off on the iPhone 4 launch because they were waiting for the white version - which was supposed to come out just weeks after the black model - may soon be able to buy their coveted device.

Verizon iPhone won't get FaceTime 3G support

It's one of the biggest "wished-for" features for current iPhone owners, and it looks like Verizon customers won't get a break either.

$10,000 goes to iTunes's 10 billionth app downloader

Following in its legacy of giving away huge prizes to people who are in the right place at the right time, Apple has announced it will give away a $10,000 iTunes gift card to whomever happens to download the store's 10 billionth app.

Next iPhone, iPad may have no buttons at all

Apple's mobile products are all about the multitouch interface, but users still have the comfort of a Home button to go back to the main menu screen at any time. According to a new report, the next round of products won't have that.

T-Mobile ad mocks Verizon-AT&T iPhone battle

T-Mobile is breathing some common sense into all the frenzy that's happening with the Verizon iPhone announcement, by launching a new ad that says the iPhone isn't really worth it on either network.

Verizon iPhone 4. It's officially officially official

After several months of rumors, speculation, near certainty, and inevitable doubt, Apple and Verizon have finally confirmed, together, that the iPhone 4 will come to the nation's highest-ranked mobile provider.

Major app developers sued for secretly tracking users

There's really nothing quite so aggravating as when you download an app and find out later that it's keeping track of your phone or GPS details. And now someone's actually bringing out the legal guns to fight this unsettling trend.

February Apple event must be for Verizon iPhone

Apple is reportedly planning some sort of secret event on or around Valentine's Day, though knowing what everyone is expecting early this year, will it really be a secret at all?

Man gets punched for using iPhone in flight

A teenage boy refused to turn off his phone as a Southwest Airlines plane began its initial landing approach, but he didn't get in trouble. Instead, an elderly passenger sitting next to him is the one who had to face being arrested.

Ebay mobile usage explodes over the holidays

Increasing its presence in the mobile world seems to have done wonders for Ebay, as sales made over iPhone, Android, and other phones during the holiday season grew by more than 134% over last year.

Verizon may not show off iPhone at CES

It's looking more and more like Verizon will focus on its 4G offerings at next month's CES festivities, and may leave any sort of iPhone announcement for a later date.

Did Skype just confirm a Verizon iPhone?

A seemingly accidentally leaked document from Skype gave us a lot of interesting information, but none more so than what appears to be a direct confirmation of the iPhone becoming available on Verizon's network.

When apps attack

How secure is your privacy? If you own a smartphone, chances are you don't have a whole lot to begin with. In fact, smartphone owners are getting used to the idea that this concept of "privacy" doesn't even really exist anymore.

EA deeply discounts App Store titles, shenanigans called

Game publishing giant Electronic Arts (EA) had just discounted a whole swath of its iPhone games to 99 cents ahead of the holiday season, but there's a feeling out there that this might not be a warm and fuzzy holiday giveaway by the company.

Breathtaking Myst sequel first iPhone app to exceed 1 GB

Fans of the cult classic PC game Myst salivated over the launch of the original sequel way back in the 1990s, and it's still drawing buzz today. That sequel, Riven, is still making a technological mark too, as the biggest download size for any iPhone app to date.

New acquisition could lead to more awesome iPhone graphics

After years of being a casual-only gaming platform, the iPhone is now starting to become a serious video game system. And it's about to get even more serious, thanks to a new behind-the-scenes acquisition.

Google Latitude finally hits iPhone

Google's location-aware mobile social app Latitude is now finally available for users to download on the iPhone, after it had previously been rejected from the App Store.

Chief iPhone gaming exec leaves Apple

You may not have ever heard of Graeme Devine, but if you played a game on your iPhone in the last year you owe him a debt of gratitude. The head honcho in charge of bringing quality games to the mobile platform no longer works at Apple.