Sears apologizes for $69 iPad snafu

Department store chain Sears is facing the music after it accidentally let its website display a $69 iPad 2 for sale.

Apple replacing some Verizon iPad 2 units

There's a problem with a small number of iPad 2 tablets sold with Verizon connectivity.

Yahoo brings video chat to iPad 2

An updated version of Yahoo's Messenger app for the iPad adds support for video chatting.

China greets iPad 2 with scalpers, long lines

The iPad 2 has officially gone on sale in China.

Apple iPad 2 now officially available at Toys R Us

There's a new player in town when it comes to the iPad 2, and this one plays to a much younger demographic.

Report: Apple bans Best Buy from selling iPad

Apparently Apple isn't too happy about a reportedly deceptive iPad 2 sales tactic at Best Buy.

Toys R Us might be next to get iPad 2

From day one, the iPad 2 has been available in more retail locations than the iPad ever was.

First iPad 2 commercial ranks high on the sappy scale

If you don't want an iPad 2 after seeing this, then it means you can spot BS a mile away.

Radio Shack about to nab iPad 2

If you prefer to buy all your electronics at Radio Shack, you'll now finally be able to buy an iPad device.

Indian consumers, shafted from iPad 2, vow not to buy iPad 1

The iPad 2 is already available in the US and some other major countries, with plans for 25 countries put in place. But India isn't in them.

Wi-Fi iPad 2 can get pinpoint GPS if tethered to iPhone

Apparently the Wi-Fi-only version of the iPad 2 is able to suck out the iPhone's GPS capabilities when the two devices are tethered.

Japan's iPad 2 launch delayed

Japan certainly has other things on its mind right now, and so as not to trivialize the recent natural disaster there, Apple has decided to push back the release of the iPad 2 in that country.

New iPad 2 stock hits stores today

If your local Apple Store, like many others, is completely sold out of the new iPad, you might want to check back today as several locations are putting new inventory on the shelves today.

The iPad 2 now on sale! (Well, at 5 PM)

Today is the launch of Apple's brand new tablet, and while many people have poked fun at Apple quickly making its product irrelevant, this one comes less than a year after the first iPad was released.