New York Times lures in iPad readers with free app

It looks like the New York Times was worried about sustaining itself with a paid iPad app, so it'll offer the downloadable newspaper for free, but with ads.

Out of nowhere, Verizon says it'll start selling iPads

Verizon has officially announced that it will offer iPads in stores for the holiday season, a deal no one saw coming because everyone was too busy talking about a Verizon iPhone.

Sam's Club will also start selling iPads, iPhones

The warehouse club owned by the Wal-Mart corporation will follow its sister store and begin stocking iPads for sale tomorrow, helping to catapult the number of retails outlets offering the device to more than 2,300 stores in the US.

Wal-Mart gets the iPad on Friday

For most people, it's a dream to get their product sold at Wal-Mart. When it comes to the iPad, though, Wal-Mart is the lucky one, as Apple is now letting the world's leading retailer sell its tablet computer.

T-Mobile suggests $650 Galaxy Tab price point

Samsung's iPad killer, the Android-based Galaxy Tab, will be priced in the same range as the iPad but customers will be able to get discounts by signing up for 3G service contracts.

Amazon begins selling iPad

Amazon has now officially begun selling the iPad, one of its fiercest rivals in the portable media market, in a move that represents just how powerful each side has in its core business.

Early iPad adopters more satisfied than recent buyers

You remember all those crazies who waited outside the Apple Store for hours to buy one on launch day? Well, apparently they're actually still using their device and haven't lost their luster for it.

Thinner iPad with camera, USB might come as early as June

Apple's newest version of the iPad might come out in less than 10 months, or just a little over a year after the first one went on sale.

China gets iPad on Friday, no 3G in sight

An enormous mass of people with a growing hunger for the latest tech gadgets may soon be getting their hands on one of the most important devices this year. It'll come at a high cost, though.

Samsung officially reveals Galaxy Tab, an Android tablet

In what could be the very first Android-based tablet that poses a direct threat to the iPad, Samsung has given us the first look at its Galaxy Tab device.

Apple eliminates iPad delivery delays

Apple appears to have fixed its supply problems for the iPad, after struggling to fulfil orders since the device's launch in April.

People magazine subscribers get free access on iPad

In a move that seems kind of like a no-brainer but is actually a big step for the world of magazine publishing, Time Inc is now offering both the print and iPad versions of People magazine for one price.

Apple prepares to tackle China with iPad, iPhone 4

Apple has its eyes on the billion-plus people in China as the latest way to add to the tally of iPhone 4 and iPad sales, but it will have to overcome the lawlessness and poverty stricken throughout the giant country.

Best Buy apparently working on its own iPad killer

For those of you who can't get enough of those Insignia TVs and Dynex DVD players that are put together with scraps of metal found in local landfills, Best Buy is apparently bringing its own tablet device to the market.

Documents suggest iPad 2 will have a camera

New documents that detail possible features for a new version of the iPad suggest that there will be a digital camera attached to the multimedia tablet.

Screen supply problems set to hit iPad production

LG Display says it will not be able to meet demand from Apple for LCD screens for the iPad, and is warning that the device's launch may be delayed in some countries.

HP trademarks "PalmPad" name

Wasting no time rebranding the name of the company it just acquired, HP has received a trademark for the name PalmPad, which almost guarantees that will be the name for the company's flagship tablet computer.

Mexico, Austria, Ireland, and more: Get ready for the iPad!

As it begins to focus its attention to products other than the iPhone 4, Apple today has announced nine more countries that it will be begin shipping the iPad to later this week.

Facetime video chat coming to camera-equipped iPad, iPod Touch

With the potential sweeping recall dominating iPhone 4 news, the good features on the phone are getting overlooked, like the Wi-Fi video chat app Facetime. Now, that app is coming to the next generation of iPad and iPod Touch.

Disney acquires iPhone game maker Tapulous

The owners of Tapulous, a small company that made a handful of addictive music games for the iPhone, have landed one of the best opportunities in all of entertainment: a buyout from Disney.