Get a $100 refund if you just bought an iPad

Don't you just hate it when you buy something and then just a couple weeks later it's already obsolete? If that's how you're feeling about your recent iPad purchase, Apple wants to make it right.

Random House signs iBooks deal

Random House, one of the largest book publishers in the world, has finally joined its peers in coming on board to Apple's digital e-book platform, the last of the major publishers to do so.

White iPad 2 possibly in the works

Apparently coating the iPhone 4 in a different color is the most difficult thing known to mankind, as Apple delayed the launch of a white version of the device indefinitely. So get your grains of salt ready, but there's a new rumor that the iPad 2 will have a white counterpart.

Judge dismisses iPad overheating lawsuit

Just because the iPad tends to overheat when it's in direct sunlight doesn't mean Apple participated in deceptive advertising by saying using an iPad is "just like reading a book," according to a summary ruling by a judge in the case of a class action lawsuit.

Crazy rumor suggests an 'iPad mini' this year

The iPad 2 hasn't even been announced yet and already people have begun speculating about the iPad 3...or as some are calling it, the iPad Mini.

Apple planning "small" iPad 2 reveal? Blasphemy!

If the rumors are true, Apple's big reveal for the next version of the iPad will be low on the fanfare, but since it is Apple it will probably still be really big on the lofty marketing speak and second-coming-of-Jesus PR phrases.

Analysis: News Corp's digital iPad newspaper to launch 2/2

After an unexpected delay, it's now being reported that Rupert Murdoch will launch his next revolution in media on February 2, when The Daily is set to be available on Apple's iPad.

February 9 rumored to be iPad 2 reveal date

Like any big tech product, the iPad 2 has seen a whole lot of rumors and speculation long before the company that will be making it has even said a word about it. But it looks like Apple will finally say something about its next-gen tablet on February 9.

Apple's iPad takes 87.4% of tablet market

No one can possibly be surprised that Apple is at the top of the tablet leaderboard, but an 87.4% majority in any high-profile market is staggering no matter who you are.

Did Best Buy just accidentally reveal the iPad 2?

Three mysterious new product SKUs popped up on over the weekend before they were almost immediately removed. All three were listed as "iPad" products.

Murdoch's iPad newspaper gets delayed

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has launched a few successful publications in his time, but we're going to have to wait a bit longer to see if The Daily is one of them. The pending iPad-exclusive newspaper won't be coming out as soon as expected.

Wow! Case for iPad 2 spotted at CES

A little-known Chinese manufacturer is reported to have shown iPad 2 cases at its CES booth.

Get ready for the iPad 2 in February

You want an iPad? That is so 2010. Seriously, if you wanna be up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology, you'll need Apple's official successor to the device, which is now rumored to come out in just two months.

Move over, Tickle Me Elmo. Kids want iPads this year

They can barely read, but kids as young as six years old are already getting iPad fever. It's the most-wanted consumer electronic gift among the very young demographic.

New Tivo app makes iPad a WiFi remote

As Tivo continues its climb to remain relevant in a world highly dominated by cable company DVRs, the company has just released a new iPad-specific app to be the perfect companion to anyone with a Tivo box.

Apple's iOS 4.2 finally hits the air today

At 1:00 PM Eastern Time today, the hotly anticipated upgrade to the iPad will go live for the tens of millions of people out there with one of these gadgets.

Washington Post goes on iPad for free

The Washington Post has become the latest newspaper to make its way to Apple's digital tablet platform, offering the entire content available in the daily paper for no cost at all. At least for now.

Where can you buy a $100 Android tablet?!

There's an Android-powered iPad competitor that you're now able to buy cheaper than ever...and it's not at a place you'd expect.

The iPad military app that looks more like a video game

If you've poured dozens of hours into games like Starcraft, you may have thought you were just honing your pointless video game skills. But in reality, you were years ahead of the government in realizing the best way to manage time and resources during war.

Farmville invades iPad

Fresh on the heels of a class-action lawsuit being filed against it, social games publisher Zynga has launched an iPad version of its mega hit Farmville.