Hulu Plus makes unusual Android tablet debut

Hulu has just added support for its first Android tablet, but it's not the one you might expect.

Hulu buyout bids reportedly reach $2 billion

As Hulu prepares itself to go to the highest bidder, the bids are expected to be, well, pretty darn high.

Out of beta, Hulu Plus is now $7.99

Those who thought it was too outrageous to pay $10 a month for a premium video service that still bombarded them with commercials...will still probably have a problem with Hulu Plus, but at least it's only $8 now.

Hulu may go for an IPO, but is it time?

Hulu, the second most popular online video destination (trailing only Youtube), is apparently evaluating its options to go public on the stock market, a move that is raising a lot of questions.

Hulu paves way for new premium, $10/month service

Viewers who feel limited by Hulu's five episode cap for each series will soon be able to pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to an entire back-catalog of TV content.