HTC Holiday phone packs a 4.5-inch display

Although not officially confirmed by HTC, it seems the next big thing from the company will be a smartphone called the Holiday.

HTC buys majority stake of Dr. Dre's company Beats

HTC is adding to its pool of corporate acquisitions with a company co-founded by music mogul Dr. Dre.

HTC's next tablet is the 10-inch Puccini

If the FCC's latest filings are anything to go by, HTC's next tablet will be/ called the Puccini.

HTC's 'Facebook Phone' coming July 17

The device that has become colloquially known as the Facebook Phone is due to hit stores in five days.

HTC Sensation 4G coming June 15

The phone that T-Mobile claims is the "most powerful smartphone" will be hitting stores in just a couple weeks.

HTC Thunderbolt finally coming out on Thursday

Verizon's first 4G is finally on its way to store shelves this week, the company has revealed in a press release.

HTC Flyer becomes official

HTC's anticipated new tablet was made official at this week's Mobile World Congress in Spain, but it has a whole lot of competition in the emerging market where innovation is everything.

HTC "Flyer" tablet launching in March

It won't be the rumored glasses-free tablet Sprint is set to unveil next month, but HTC hopes it can still turn heads with the Flyter tablet, its very own iPad killer.

HTC Inspires AT&T's first 4G phone

It brought the very first Android phone to the world and was the first manufacturer to build a 4G phone in North America, and now HTC is bringing its legendary "first" status to AT&T's 4G party as well.

HTC gets trademark for "Scribe." Tablet anyone?

Hey, all the cool kids are doing it, so why not? Right, HTC? The flagship Android phone manufacturer apparently now has its eye on making an iPad killer.

HTC teases media with cryptic "4G" package

When it comes to garnering interest for CES, some companies are more creative than others. Some simply send out mass e-mails with their latest press releases and a blanket invitation for meetings. Then there are companies like HTC.

Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7 sells out

It appears to have been a successful launch for the Windows Phone 7 platform yesterday, as one of the handsets has already sold out. T-Mobile is no longer able to immediately fulfill orders for the HTC HD7 phone.

HTC wants to bring out your inner Desire HD

Android lover HTC has just introduced a new version of its top-selling Desire phone, with the ability to shoot HD pictures and video.

Android "Froyo" update gives UK Desire users a brain freeze

HTC Desire owners who subscribed to UK mobile service provider O2 are finding themselves with a useless phone after upgrading to Android 2.2.

HTC Desire Z, Desire HD details outed

The latest phones from HTC, a company that has risen to stardom in the current generation of mobile phones, have been spotted out in the open with some brand new details.

HTC Glacier aims to rock the boat with super fast speeds

If the latest Internet leakage is anything to believe, a new Android phone with a processor as powerful as 1.5 GHz is in the works and would be the fastest Android device to date.

Thanks to Android, HTC sales go through the roof

HTC, a company that most people had never even heard of just a couple years ago, has posted second quarter profits of 58% higher than the previous year.

Uhh...whoops! HTC Evo update accidentally breaks some phones

Some of the early adopters who picked up the country's first 4G phone now have an unusable phone, just because they accepted a prompt to start a software update.

Evo 4G launch hits snag with newly discovered glitch

HTC's Evo 4G phone will officially launch this weekend, bringing with it an introduction to 4G data, exclusive HD video applications...and the inability to save anything to the packed-in MicroSD card.

HTC Evo 4G coming June 4 for $199

At an event in New York City tonight, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse confirmed the price and release date for the HTC Evo, the very first phone to run on a 4G mobile data network.