HP Touchpad now $100 cheaper

Less that two weeks after it began offering a $50 "rebate" on its flagship webOS Touchpad tablet, HP has now permanently slashed the price even further.

HP cuts Touchpad price by $50

Just a matter of weeks after being introduced to the market, the HP Touchpad tablet is already $50 cheaper.

Internal HP memo admits Touchpad faults

The same day HP released its flagship tablet to retailers, it sent a memo to employees acknowledging the product needs work.

HP may license WebOS software

In an effort to spread the availability of its mobile operating system, HP is in talks to license the OS to other companies.

Rumor: HP planning 7-inch Touchpad

HP hasn't even released is first entry into the tablet market and it's already sparking new rumors.

HP announces 'Pivot' magazine for Touchpad

HP will be making a monthly magazine for customers who buy its upcoming Touchpad tablet.

HP's flagship Touchpad coming July 1

The very first tablet powered by what will be a brand new version of webOS is just a few weeks away.

HP may open WebOS to other manufacturers

WebOS, the mobile operating system originally owned by Palm and now HP, could become an open platform.

Every HP computer will soon have webOS

Beginning in 2012, if you buy an HP computer, it'll still have the de facto Windows operating system, but in case you're curious, it will also be able to boot up with HP's recently acquired webOS platform.

HP sends an e-mail to apologize for sending too many e-mails

Apparently HP had some issues with its e-mail sending service and started spamming customers who signed up to receive occasional update and offers from the company. So, HP is now apologizing for sending out so many e-mails....via e-mail.

HP wants to be "cool"

In the world of school playground metaphors, Apple is the kid who's a month or two older than everyone else, wears designer clothes, and as all the friends. Meanwhile, HP is...

HP goes for Windows 7 in $800 Slate tablet

After it seemingly shelved plans for a Windows-based tablet device, HP has now re-confirmed the Slate 500, a more functional device than the iPad aimed at a business consumer crowd.

New HP continues to attack old CEO, Mark Hurd

HP essentially forced its once-heralded CEO Mark Hurd to resign because of a rush to judgment on a pending sexual harassment allegation, but now that its newly appointed CEO finds himself in bigger hot water, HP now has to play damage control yet again.

HP doles out plan to buy ArcSight for $1.5 billion

Most people have never heard of a tech security company called ArcSight, but HP wants to buy it for a pretty nice-size price tag of $1.5 billion.

Mark Hurd's salary at Oracle will be a mere $950,000

It's not quite the salary of a CEO of the country's top PC manufacturer, but it sounds like Mark Hurd will still be doing alright for himself.

HP successfully snatches 3Par from Dell's clutch

The bidding war that left data company 3Par feeling pretty good about itself but will forever leave scars between Dell and HP, has ended after HP's offer of $33 per share.

Oracle CEO says HP's CEO ousting was a dumb move

Larry Ellison, CEO of computer services company Oracle, has become the first major public figure in the tech world to publicly attack HP for the rash process of forcing its CEO to quit.

Mark Hurd: The Tony Hayward of the computer biz

Mark Hurd and Tony Hayward: two CEOs that led their companies to prosperity and hope through most of their tenure, now forced to resign because of a media explosion that will likely overshadow the years of positive energy they brought to their companies.

HP kills (or at least severely bludgeons) Android tablet plans

Most likely because HP is now filling its time with Palm's WebOS platform, the company has set aside its plans to pursue a new tablet computer powered by Google's Android operating system.

HP develops own motion-sensing controller for PC

Motion-sensitive controllers are beginning to dominate the console gaming market, and now HP is bringing the craze to the PC with its own branded gaming controller.