Google teases huge update to Google TV

Google TV isn't dead yet. In fact, there's a big update on the way.

Android Market coming to Google TV: why it matters

A major new feature is on the way to Google's TV operating system that will allow users and developers to have more access to content tailored specifically for the big screen platform.

Google tells TV companies not to mention Google TV

Yikes. It was supposed to be one of the biggest stories at next month's huge CES trade show, but now Google is telling anyone who had a Google TV product planned in their lineup to no longer show it off, as it goes back to the drawing board to improve the software.

Expect Google TV to make a CES splash

January's 2011 CES show may very well be the moment when Google's TV operating system goes from neat concept to market-dominating super power, as more companies are expected to add to the repertoire of Google TV-enabled products, highlighting the important of Internet-powered TV sets moving forward.

Google connects Android with Google TV in new Youtube app

There's a new app for Android that may not seem like a big deal but could be the launching pad for more interesting things to come that will link Google's mobile platform with its TV platform.