Google's next big thing: "search without search"

Having dominated the search market for several years, Google has never been one to just rest on its laurels. Its latest leap is to build a search infrastructure that can practically read your mind before you ever type anything into that search box.

Google e-book store may be ready for holidays

Never one to let some sort of cyber trend pass it by, Google wants to launch its own digital book marketplace, and according to reports may be able to launch it as early as this month.

Google rolls out "Hotpot" service to increase social mobile

Google has launched a new service called Hotpot, a bright and colorful new social way to find the best restaurants and stores in your area.

Antarctica is captured on Google Street View

Google can now say its Street View maps service spans across every one of the world's continents.

Child attacker wins defamation case against Google

A French man sued Google because typing in his name resulted in search suggestions for "rapist," "satanist," "rape," and "prison." The court today ruled against Google in the defamation suit.

Coming soon: full Google Docs editing on Android, iPhone

You will soon be able to have complete access over Google Docs on your iPhone and Android devices, in a move that makes both platforms more attractive to business customers.

Google teases new social networking features

Now that Google has acquired a small arsenal of social media companies, the search giant has confirmed that a brand new social networking platform will be launched later this year, but details are still sketchy.

FCC delays critical net neutrality decision

In a move that should surprise absolutely no one, the government has decided to hold off on taking a firm stance in the net neutrality debate.

Google buys SocialDeck. Yep, another social media company

Google has acquired a mobile social gaming company called SocialDeck, in what is just its latest addition to a shopping spree of social media startups.

Google buys yet another social media company, Angstro

There is no questioning Google's eagerness to catapult into the social networking arena. It has just pulled out its wallet to add another company to its growing social portfolio.

Gmail phone calling tallies a million calls in 24 hours

Google's intriguing new service that allows users to place phone calls directly from Gmail is apparently a hit. At least, it was intriguing enough to log more than a million calls in its first day.

Google to add to its pockets for $100 million

The latest company to be blessed with a Google acquisition is, an intriguing website specializing in "visual search," a technology Google has been toying with for years.

Google responds to net neutrality critics with huge blog post

Google has issued a response to the thousands of news articles that have popped up since it first discussed its ideas for an end to net neutrality.

Police storm the offices of Google Korea

National Police Agency officers in South Korea today raided Google office space in the country to find evidence that the search giant was illegally storing private user information.

Google now selling Apps to the government

Hoping to grab some money away from the federal government's current $76 billion per year computing and software budget, Google today announced that it has a special version of its Apps platform for official government use.

Google completely overhauls image search results

After years of refining its specialized search engine that sweeps the Web for images instead of text, Google is launching a brand new version of Google Image Search that provides more results in an easier-to-use interface.

Google acquires MetaWeb because it can

Behind the scenes of the top search engine must really be boring, as there's a team of technicians that do nothing but work on improving Google search results. And now there's a whole new company in its arsenal to add to that.

Google music store just months away, say sources

Every time you punch in a lyrics search, or Google a specific artist or song, Google wants you to pay them to buy that music. That's the idea behind a new Google music store that is likely to launch later this year.

Google crashes and burns with home page shakeup

When users went to this morning, something looked a bit different - quite a bit different in fact - causing a full-scale outrage like never before.

Google's "Caffeine" system gives a pick-me-up to search

When you run a search on Google, your results are going to be just a little more up-to-date, thanks to a new search infrastructure that was just announced.