China warns Google's partners it could turn the heat on them

China has told Google's partners in the country that they should have a backup plan in case Google shuts its services down.

Google trials TV show search service

Google's testing a TV search service in conjunction with Dish Network, allowing users to search content from Dish and other sources such as YouTube.

Google doesn't make you dumb, say experts

It would be pretty evil to make your customers stupid. So Google must be relieved that the latest expert survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Project has found that, in this at least, it seems to be living up to its mission statement.

Florist convicted of hijacking Google Maps

A New Zealand florist found a good way of steering customers away from her competitors - she just altered their listings on Google Maps.

Poor typing nets Google $500 million a year

Google could be making as much as $500 million a year from users' dodgy spelling.

Google gives $2 million to Wikimedia

Google has made a $2 million donation to the Wikimedia Foundation.