Zynga acquires small developer Newtoy

Having conquered the social gaming industry, Zynga is constantly looking to expand and has bought out a small mobile game developer called Newtoy.

Zynga faces class-action privacy-centric lawsuit

Privacy issues really are the new black, and Facebook is the most fashionable of the bunch. There's a brand new class-action lawsuit against social games publisher Zynga over claims it unlawfully shares private user data through Facebook.

Did you know Amazon powers up to 80% of social games?

When it comes to the new market of "social games," a few names always pop out - Zynga, Facebook, Farmville, EA's Playfish... but actually, one of the most important players is Amazon.

Google investing in social gaming giant Zynga: sources

Perhaps Google was just too tired of reading about how it is becoming overthrown by Facebook, so now Google is reportedly investing hundreds of millions of dollars into one of Facebook's biggest cash cows.