Nintendo DS outselling 3DS two-to-one

Nintendo's new handheld system still faces fierce competition from its own other handheld system.

Delusional Nintendo believes video game piracy is dying

A video game trade group recently published a report saying four games are pirated for every one that's sold, and Sony has a veritable task force working to combat what it feels is the continued increase in video game privacy.

Nintendo chief assures 3DS isn't "dangerous"

It's always fun to live in fear of lawsuits. Like every company, Nintendo wants to make sure it has all its bases covered, and its much-publicized warnings about the upcoming 3DS handheld is starting to have an effect.

Non-3D content will come to 3DS

Although Nintendo's upcoming 3DS system has the capability to make every game available in 3D, there will be games that are programmed only in 2D.

Nintendo calls iPhone gaming a threat, Windows Phone 7 not so much

Nintendo is finally admitting that the iPhone is taking a big bite away from its dominance in the market of handheld gaming. But it's not quite as worried about Microsoft's upcoming game-centric mobile platform.

Nintendo 3DS goes on sale in US in March

Nintendo's next handheld system, the first ever portable 3D gaming platform, will be hitting store shelves in six months as the first new system to come out in more than four years.