What happens when a crocodile swallows a cell phone?

Does that crocodile have her own ringtone? Nope, that's just 14-year-old Gena who swallowed a visitor's cell phone over the weekend in a Ukranian aquarium.

Ohio makes sexting illegal

Ohio's state legislature today passed a bill that carves out a new law for under-18 individuals who share nude pictures of themselves with other minors. It will allow them to be charged with something other than child pornography.

Cursed cell phone number killed everyone who had it

A Bulgarian mobile phone service company has banned a number from its systems after everyone - yes, everyone - to whom it assigned the number ended up dead.

Ohio wants to make teen "sexting" illegal

After a teenage girl was faced with charges of child pornography, for sending out nude pictures of herself, Ohio lawmakers are looking into a new law that specifically addresses the growing issue of "sexting."