Blind man will drive a car tomorrow

No, you don't need to stay off the streets. For one, Mark Riccobono will be driving on a closed-circuit course at Daytona International Speedway. But the bigger reason is that Riccobono, despite being legally blind, should be perfectly safe behind the wheel of Ford's new blind-accessible vehicle.

Contradictory study suggests phone-related car deaths up

The University of North Texas Health Science Center has published a new study that says "distracted driving" deaths will only continue to rise, which is in direct opposition to figures that were just released by the US Department of Transportation.

Researchers hack into moving car's security system

A team of university researchers has shown that it is possible to infiltrate a car's computer system while it is moving at highway speeds, proving the security risks of having computer-controlled vehicles.

Towing company sues Facebook user for $750,000

After a 21-year-old college student created a Facebook group to complain about T&J Towing, the towing company filed a lawsuit against him for $750,000.