Blackberry Playbook will be less than $500

While not much has been said of Research in Motion's Blackberry OS-based iPad killer since it was first announced a few months ago, recent speculation does show it has one thing going for it: an affordable price.

Research in Motion sets up dedicated Mideast service

After facing a huge threat that the United Arab Emirates would completely suspend service to some Blackberry services, the manufacturer of Blackberry handsets has set up a special service agreement with the area.

Motorola unveils Droid Pro, a Blackberry killer

In what can only be seen as a very real and direct threat to dethroning Blackberry as the top dog in providing enterprise mobile services, Motorola has introduced a new phone targeted specifically at business customers.

Blackberry Playbook OS will go to Blackberry phones

The software that will power Blackberry's upcoming tablet device is also soon going to power future Blackberry phones, manufacturer Research in Motion has reportedly said.

Research In Motion acquires Documents To Go maker DataViz

Blackberry maker Research in Motion has reportedly bought mobile software company DataViz, with an eye on making mobile business applications that are exclusive to the Blackberry platform.

India backs down, gives Blackberry another 60 days

Although Blackberry maker Research in Motion faced threats from India of a nationwide service disruption, the country's government has decided to extend its deadline for another 60 days.

RIM files patent for rotatable keyboard

RIM may be working on a version of the Blackberry with a pull-out, rotating keyboard.

RIM buys Cellmania to compete with Apple's App Store

In its continuing quest to somehow make inroads against the iPhone and Android markets, Blackberry maker Research in Motion has acquired mobile software company Cellmania.

Research In Motion looks to buy mobile ad company

The company behind the Blackberry brand is reportedly prepared to shell out hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire an advertising company specializing in mobile phone ads.

India to Blackberry: You have until August 31

Indian officials have officially struck Blackberry with an ultimatum: provide the government with access to secure Blackberry servers or service to millions of India citizens will be cut off.

Blackberry Torch price slashed in half in less than a week

Despite a large media campaign and lofty marketing speak that suggested Blackberry's Torch phone was going to revolutionize the world, deep discounts are already hitting the brand new Blackberry.

Saudi Arabia lifts ban on Blackberry, details uncertain

After the high-profile ban on Blackberry service throughout the entire country of Saudi Arabia began to make waves, the phone's manufacturer has apparently been cooperative with state leaders.

Saudi Arabia to ban Blackberry Messenger on Friday

Unless Research In Motion is able to do something in the eleventh hour, it is going to face a devastating blow in the Middle East as Saudi Arabia has ordered that all Blackberry Messenger service must be cut.

Why the Blackberry Torch's bite is better than its bark

Research In Motion did a less than stellar job pointing out why its new Blackberry Torch is better than the iPhone or Android at a media event in New York today, but once we actually saw the device in action we think that it just might be.

Blackberry OS 6 teaser shows much improvement

Research in Motion has released a video giving viewers a taste of what the new Blackberry OS will looks like, giving the crusty old interface a much-needed overhaul.

Blackberry 3G, 1 GHz tablet coming early 2011

The rumored Blackberry tablet appears to be real, and it will apparently have a 7-inch screen, 1 GHz processor, and a 3G data connection.

The government releases mobile apps

Want to check TSA wait times, product recalls, or hydrogen fuel locations? Thanks to our government, there are now apps for that.

50% of all mobile data is consumed by 6% of users

There is a huge discrepancy in mobile data usage among smartphone owners, as millions of people use less than 1 MB per month while others gobble it up to no end.

RIM 'planning tablet this year'

Research in Motion is said to be planning new products, including a touch-screen smartphone and a tablet device, in a push to see off the iPhone 4 and iPad.