AT&T will hire 5000 if T-Mobile deal gets approved

If the AT&T/T-Mobile deal goes through, it could actually mean huge job creation, something that's not very typical for a corporate merger like this.

AT&T wants to force you into unlimited texting

The amount of flexibility in AT&T's mobile service plans just keeps shrinking.

Top 5% of AT&T data users will be throttled

So much for the idea of getting to keep your unlimited data plan.

AT&T bringing out Gingerbread updates

AT&T is rolling out the Gingerbread like it's Christmas time.

AT&T, Verizon LTE likely not interchangeable

Don't plan on buying a phone designed for AT&T's 4G LTE network and being able to use it with Verizon, or vice versa.

AT&T to launch LTE network this summer

AT&T's new and improved 4G network will be ready for the spotlight later this summer.

AT&T to offer new iPhone insurance plan

Insuring the safety of your iPhone is soon to be a lot cheaper.

AT&T planning free Wi-Fi in NYC parks

It seems free Internet access is popping up all over the place these days, and now public parks are getting added to that list.

AT&T customers can finally use Amazon's Appstore

AT&T has finally removed the shackles that prevented its customers from using the Amazon Appstore.

AT&T losing ability to draw new customers

The number of people signing up for AT&T service for the first time has plummeted.

FCC takes stand on T-Mobile, AT&T merger

The regulatory committee that needs to approve the merger between T-Mobile and AT&T may give the companies a hard time, due to potential antitrust concerns.

AT&T to cap home broadband data too

AT&T has apparently decided to limit the amount of data its home broadband users can use every month.

AT&T hacker posts bail, leaves jail

Andrew Auernheimer, the man accused of sneaking into AT&T's website and finding a back door to personal data of its thousands of 3G iPad customers, has managed to foot the $50,000 bail levied against him.

AT&T, again, ranked as worst mobile carrier

Despite the fact that it had one of its best years in recent history, and has attracted millions of new customers, AT&T has yer again been rated, by far, as the worst mobile phone provider in the US by Consumer Reports.