Apple patents technology that can block obscene texts

Parents will begin singing the Hallelujah chorus if Apple's latest patent comes to light, which would prevent any incoming texts found to contain objectionable content.

Apple goes LED with new 27-inch display

LED is all the rage in the world of TVs these days, and it's making its way to computer displays as well. In a stunning turn of events, Apple is actually following along with the latest technology.

Magazine makes up a story about Steve Jobs being a ninja

A Japanese tabloid magazine reported that Steve Jobs ran into a bit of an issue at a local airport while on vacation. But no one really took it seriously until Bloomberg decided it was worth reporting.

Apple puts 13 new bandaids on Mac OS X

Apple has doled out its latest security update to the Mac OS X operating system, this time plugging up 13 holes in the software that could be exploited by hackers.

Apple con man pleads not guilty in face of huge evidence

Paul Devine has taken the easy step in his attempt to avoid jail time and heavy fines, by pleading not guilty, but now comes the hard part: explaining how his wife was wired more than $1,000,000 from Asian companies that work with Apple.

Suppliers have no comment about Apple con man

It wasn't a good weekend for Paul Shin Devine, a global manager for Apple who's now a criminal, but the overseas suppliers involved now have their own problems to deal with.

Apple lifts the curtain on multitouch Mac Trackpad

Apple today unveiled its long-awaited Magic Trackpad, a replacement for traditional Mac mice that uses multitouch controls.

The iPhone 4 Glass Busted

The iPhone 4 was released into the wild, only to find itself amidst a host of avid fans and critics. Maybe it doesn't matter that it had problems. Maybe that's part of the plan.