Report: Apple set to launch music streaming platform

It's a move that could be as big as when Apple first launched iTunes.

Rumors point to an 'iPhone 4S'

We may see an incrementally upgraded iPhone 4 before Apple stamps the number '5' on a new phone.

Authorized Steve Jobs biography to be released next year

The first official biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs is set to come out in early 2012.

Apple eyes store in historic Moscow building

The first Apple Store in Russia may be coming soon.

Apple launches ad-laced iAd app

Apple thinks the ads that appear on iPhone and iPad are so cool, users would be willing to download an app that is nothing but ads.

Apple Grand Central store rumor dismisses prior rumor

According to a new rumor, Apple has canceled its plan to open a new retail storefront in New York's Grand Central terminal, a plan that itself was only just a rumor.

Some third-party products axed from Apple Store shelves

Apple will be removing a number of third-party peripherals, hardware, and software from its retail stores, in order to make more room for employees to sit down with customers and set up their newly purchased Mac computers.

Apple ships a million Macbooks in Q4

Apple has shipped more than a million of its new laptop line the Macbook Air, proving that it is more than just an iPod and iPhone company these days.

Huge changes come to iPad 2, from $499, March 11

Steve Jobs, who was greeted with a standing ovation at today's event, has just revealed the iPad 2. It has so many new bells and whistles it almost makes the original iPad look like an artifact.

Steve Jobs opens hotly anticipated Apple event

After indefinitely stepping away from Apple's day-to-day responsibilities to tend to his worsening medical condition, Steve Jobs delighted fans today by defying the odds and stepping onto the stage to introduce today's expected iPad 2 announcement.

Rumor: Steve Jobs will be at iPad 2 launch event

There are a lot of Steve Jobs rumors being spread around these days. One thing that's known for sure is that his health is taking a turn for the worse, as he has stepped down from his day-to-day role at Apple. But despite that, there's a new report suggesting Jobs will be on hand for the launch of the iPad 2.

Apple planning a secret retail employee meeting

If you believe rumors that spread on well-known Apple blogs, then this one looks, sounds, and smells like a real deal. Apple will reportedly be holding a large meeting with retail store employees to discuss changes to the company's product offering.

Steve Jobs has six weeks to live: tabloid

Usually we just point and laugh at whatever drivel the National Enquirer decides to publish, but the tabloid has just posted information that Steve Jobs only has six weeks to live and is gaining a lot of attention.

Steve Jobs still working for Apple

Steve Jobs is very ill and hasn't been working full-time for more than three weeks, but he wants people to know he's still working for the company, telecommuting as best he can.

Report: Apple starts iPad 2 production

Apple still hasn't confirmed that it's working on a successor to the iPad, but it looks like the company has already finished designing it and ordering the right parts because it's already hitting the assembly line.

Steve Jobs takes medical leave, Apple stock dips

What other Fortune 500 company's stock is so dependent on one man that if he takes a little time off for medical reason, the market cap of the company instantly falls? This is Steve Jobs.

Mac App Store now live. Check out more than 1,000 apps

Apple's much talked about digital software store for the Mac operating system is now a thing of reality. Launching alongside the streamlined service is more than 1,000 apps, with a wide selection of both free and premium content.

Mysterious images suggest new iPad coming soon

As it was one of the best-selling products in all of 2010, the iPad is most certainly not leaving any time soon. But when can we expect the next in this line of Apple tablets?

Mac App Store rumored to hit next week

The latest Apple scuttlebutt is that the company is scrambling hard behind the scenes to launch a new iPhone-like App Store for its home computer platform, and plans to have it ready for prime time by next Tuesday.

Pow! Steve Jobs gets turned into an action figure

If there was ever a technology industry figure who could be represented with a tiny body, big head, and a lot of gloss, it's Steve Jobs.