Apple TV update addresses six minor tweaks

There's a new software update for the Apple TV which fixes a handful of stability problems for the video streaming device.

Microsoft plans Apple TV rival

Now that Apple's TV set-top box is actually a hit, Microsoft wants to take it down. The competing software giant is reportedly working on its own device to bring Windows Media Center to the masses.

New Apple TV begins shipping despite delay woes

Although speculation began circulating that the newly remodeled Apple TV wouldn't be available until October, it seems the device has begun shipping out to customers who were originally told they'd receive it in September.

Fox, ABC sign up for 99-cent iTunes TV rentals: report

Apparently Apple has been able to strong-arm at least two of the major networks to provide content for its new 99-cent TV show rental plan.

Sparks fly again over Apple's right to "iTV" name

If the speculation is true that Apple is going to brand its next version of the Apple TV as the "iTV," then it'll have a tough time facing the British broadcaster ITV, which one news outlet says is preparing legal action against Apple if necessary.

Weaksauce alert: new Apple TV can't do full HD

The new version of the Apple TV, to be so trendily named the iTV, is going to try to be a lot less lame than the total flop that came out a few years ago, but with an inferior chipset inside, that might not happen.