Steve Jobs's biological dad wants to meet dying son

Did you know that Steve Jobs was given up for adoption as an infant?

Apple-branded TV hits the rumor mill

It looks like Apple may be trying to do for TV sets what Google has so far only wished it could do.

Tim Cook to be Apple CEO until 2021

This is for all of you who thought Tim Cook might only be an interim replacement for Steve Jobs.

Analysis: Steve Jobs leaves Apple, but legacy remains

Even though Steve Jobs will no longer be at the head of the revolutionary company he helped create, Apple will continue to be a Steve Jobs company.

Average user spends $14 on a "free" app purchase

You might want to hang on for a second the next time you see an appealing app that's listed as "free" on the App Store and Android Market.

Apple has its eyes on Hulu

Apple may be considering a bid to purchase online video streaming company Hulu.

Apple Store at Grand Central deal could be finalized

Apple may soon get approval from New York's public transit division to build a retail store in Grand Central terminal.

Steve Jobs dismisses rumors of his successor

Apple CEO and cancer survivor Steve Jobs is not keen on discussing speculation about who will replace him when the inevitable happens.

App Store prices on the rise

Not only are users downloading more apps for their iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches, they're also paying more for them.

Apple faces another loss in 'App Store' suit

Amazon is allowed to continue using the term "Appstore" for its third-party online outlet for Android apps.

Rumor: Apple orders 15 million iPhone 5 units

A new report suggests Apple is in fact ready to launch the iPhone 5 in September.

Analyst: App store revenue to double

Between the iTunes and App Store, there will be a lot of money rolling through mobile app channels.

Judge already skeptical of Apple's "App Store" case

Apple is not off to a good start in its trademark case against Amazon.

Apple removes app per Israel's request

Apple has kicked out an app from the iTunes App Store after receiving a complaint directly from the government of Israel.

Apple's "back to school" promo offers $100

Apple has launched its annual "Back to School" promotional offer.

Apple backtracks on in-app subscriptions

Apple has done the unthinkable and reversed a policy that would have forced companies to pay it a lot of money.

Apple's iCloud rumored to cost $25/year

Apple plans to roll out its new iCloud music streaming service for free to entice users, but will then charge an annual fee.

Apple paid $100+ million to labels for iCloud rights

So just how much did it take to convince the major record labels to come on board for Apple's new iCloud music service?

Grand Central Station Apple Store rumors resurface

At first there were a few rumblings, then it seemed like an abandoned idea, and now it looks like Apple does want to build a store at Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

Apple reiterates "app store" is not a generic term

Apple will vigorously defend its ability to trademark the term "app store."