Get ready for Angry Birds baby merchandise

Would you wrap your newborn up in an Angry Birds baby blanket?

Glenn Beck explains Angry Birds' socialist connection

Extremely popular radio show host Glenn Beck is apparently trying to connect with his younger, hipper listeners.

Lodsys's giant lawsuit now includes Angry Birds

The developer and publisher of Angry Birds now have a reason to be angry themselves, as a technology company called Lodsys is suing them.

Angry Birds add Roku to their quiver

The Angry Birds will not stop until they've taken over literally every media platform.

Angry Birds to appear in Rio home video

Consumers who buy 'Rio' on DVD or Blu-ray will get a little something extra with their purchase.

Angry Birds Android gets 15 new levels

Android gamers who were late to the Angry Birds party are coming in swinging.

Achievements granted at first ever "Appy Awards"

Honoring excellence in the mobile app arts, Angry Birds and Facebook are among the inaugural winners of the so-called Appy Awards.

Angry Birds gets festive (again) for St. Patty's

The iPhone game that just might never die is getting yet another holiday-themed update, this time to celebrate the fact that even though they're Angry, these Birds can also have the luck of the Irish.

Angry Birds gets a Valentine's Day update

Well, they're still angry but at least they're getting a little love with the newest version of Angry Birds themed around Valentine's Day.

Angry Birds topples 7 million Android downloads

It's not just iPhone owners who are becoming addicted to the idea of slinging ball-shaped birds into buildings surrounded by green pigs. Android gamers are also getting in on the action, as the game has now been downloaded 7 million times there.

Man creates a fake, virus-infected version of Angry Birds

A mobile security expert has used the high-profile mobile game Angry Birds to demonstrate some gaping security holes in the Android Market. Even though the game had nothing to do with the actual Angry Birds game and was filled with a trojan virus, he had no trouble getting it onto the digital app store.