Google says Android's next year will earn $1 billion

How much can you earn when you have the most popular mobile operating system in the US? Apparently more than $1 billion a year.

Opera gets ready for its Android close-up

Android's built-in Web browser, once described by Google as "Chrome Lite," gets the job done but it's not filled with a whole bunch of snazzy features. Opera is now looking to add some class to that arena.

Google working on real-time Android speech translation

Just say the word "hello" into your Android phone and you'll instantly hear a response of "bonjour" or "hola," if Google's latest research actually comes to fruition.

Music execs gunning for Android iTunes rival

If you don't like Apple's arrogant presence and its mindset that being its customer is a privilege, you're not alone. Music companies are very eager to get on Google's side as it seems more likely that a new service will launch on Android.

Archos plans not one, but FIVE Android tablets for this fall

As news of Android tablet developments continues to grow and strengthen, Archos has now joined the fray with the biggest announcement yet. The biggest in terms of quantity, that is.

Samsung Android tablet may be going to Verizon

It is quite possible that a Samsung "Galaxy" tablet device, not a Droid tablet, will be the first non-phone Android device to make its way to Verizon Stores within the next several months.

Microsoft brings Google competitor Bing to Android

Microsoft and Verizon have come together to provide an alternative to Google on Google's own operating system. The newly minted Bing app will come exclusively to Android customers with Verizon service.

MIT turns Android into supercomputing platform

Take this, iPhone! Researchers over at MIT are now able to use Android phones to generate calculations that previously required a massive supercomputer.

Pay for your Android apps with Paypal - coming soon

Android customers who don't like being forced to use Google's proprietary checkout system to pay for their apps may soon have a new choice thanks to a budding partnership with Paypal.

As many as 4 million people downloaded data-stealing Android app

A seemingly innocuous Android app that let users change their phone's wallpaper has actually been stealing private user information and may have been downloaded millions of times.

Motorola Android 3.0 tablet may be here this year

Android lover Motorola is expected to be working on an iPad competitor that runs on Google's mobile operating system, but what's bigger news is that it could be one of the first devices to run the next-generation Android 3.0.

Android Market: Over 1 billion served

If the ticker on is anything to go by, then Google's Android Market mobile app store has just crossed into the world of a billion downloads.

LG Android tablet coming this year

Many companies have speculated about creating a digital media tablet using Google's Android operating system, but LG could be one of the first to actually bring one to the retail market.

Android 3.0 details already begin to emerge

The first solid details on the next update to Android, the 3.0 update code-named "Gingerbread," are beginning to pipe through and it seems as though Google is cracking down with stringent hardware requirements.

Samsung Vibrant comes with free movie, free in-flight WiFi

Samsung wants to highlight the entertainment capabilities of its latest Android phone, and to do so it will have James Cameron's Avatar movie pre-installed, and access to free in-flight WiFi.

Android phones selling at a rate of 2 per second

The fact that 600,000 iPhone 4 devices were pre-ordered in one day is nothing short of astounding, but Google's CEO says that on a daily basis, Android sales are fare outpacing the iPhone.

20,000+ Android apps are "suspicious": report

Take a closer look next time you browse through the Android Market: thousands of those apps can do things like make random calls or send texts at will, and they could infect your phone with spyware.

"Gingerbread" update to actually change how Android looks

With Android "skins" like Motorola's Motoblur and HTC's Sense basically telling Google that the standard Android UI isn't good enough, Google will make the user experience a top priority in its next update.

Google fixes mysteriously disappearing Android apps

After numerous developers noticed that their apps were disappearing from the Android Market, Google has fixed an apparent internal bug and apologized for not keeping its developers in the loop.

Motion-activated controls come to Android

Motion controls aren't just for the home console market anymore. Android users will soon be able to play games, perform phone tasks, and even get their own fortune cookies with nothing more than a few flicks of the hands.