Analyst warns of oversupply of Android tablets

With more than a dozen companies on the Android tablet list, what's a consumer to do?

Google releases Android 3.0-optimized 'Earth' app

The new tablet version of Google Earth has been released.

Google Talk video chat now on Android

A major update comes to the Android version of Google Talk.

Android Market now has the most free apps

While the iTunes App Store still dwarfs the Android Market, the latter now has more free apps.

US Army looks to equip troops with Android

The next thing that could help save lives on the battlefield is Google's Android platform.

Skype Android app fixes security, adds 3G calling

Skype erases security concerns and adds features in one shot.

Android Honeycomb does require certain specs

If you want to make an Android 3.0 tablet, you need need to meet specific requirements.

Google Maps app hits 50 million downloads

The first Android app to reach 50 million downloads is none other than Google's own GPS service, Google Maps.

LinkedIn app finally comes to Android

If you absolutely positively need to network on the go - and you have an Android phone - now you can.

Pandroid Android app criticized for data mining

Why does a music streaming app need to know your gender and exact GPS location?

Google defends/explains Android fragmentation

Android's head honcho says people who complain about Android fragmentation don't understand the operating system.

Epic Games blames carriers for 'bloatware'

The reason Epic Games hasn't released anything on Android has nothing to do with Android at all.

Android Music 3.0 app leaked early

Google is planning to update its built-in music playing software on Android, but someone spoiled the surprise.

87% of developers dislike Android fragmentation

A new survey shows just how much of an issue 'fragmentation' is for the Android platform.

Android rooters will soon be trackable

There's an ominous new movement that could spell bad news for anyone who likes to root their phones.

Sony Android tablet is now official

Sony will in fact be releasing an Android tablet using Google's latest Honeycomb operating system.

Google aims to clamp down Android fragmentation

As Android continues to grow and become the de facto smartphone operating system, it's time for a bit more uniformity.

New Android games make use of freemium model

Tap Tap Revenge 4 - free to download, money to expand.

Amazon Appstore lets users preview Android apps

Adding to the many features that make Amazon's Appstore better than the Android Market, the platform lets users preview apps before they buy them.

Android to add in-app payments next week

Android developers who have been patiently waiting for a system to offer customers downloadable content inside the app, will finally have a solution next week.