Study: 25% of mobile finance apps pose security risks

You might want to be a little more careful the next time you plunk down all your private information into a personal finance app.

How LG made an early Android mistake

Did you know LG was supposed to be the manufacturer of the world's first Android phone?

Most Android apps are overlooked

There are roughly 250,000 apps available for Android, but how many of them ever gain an attention?

Android 3.2-powered Iconia Tab A100 now on sale

Acer's newest Android tablet is now available in stores, making it one of the most affordable Honeycomb devices on the market.

It's time to bite into Android's Ice Cream Sandwich

For the first time, we're getting a look at what could be the next major iteration of Android.

Surprising report reveals Android's 30% tablet share

Just one year after we were talking about numbers like Apple's ~95% monopoly in the tablet race, Android has managed to take a huge bite out of the lucrative market.

Swiftkey X: the latest Android keyboard

If you're still fumbling around with the touch-screen keyboard that comes standard with Android tablets, give this new app a shot.

Push notifications come to Twitter on Android

Twitter has just updated its official Android app, bringing with it one of the most requested features from the Google mobile community.

Google launches new version of Android Market

After its own storefront for finding Android apps has fallen by the wayside, Google is fighting back.

Google pay-per-view almost ready for Android

Android phone owners will soon get their own proprietary premium video streaming app.

Google takes down Android Market in Taiwan

The Android Market does not fall in line with Taiwan consumer protection laws.

500,000 new Android devices activated daily

Some may be saying Google's Android platform is starting to slow down, but not according to these numbers.

Zipcar Android app goes out of beta

Wanna take a quick drive somewhere even if you don't have a car?

47% of iOS developers support Android too

A new survey reveals that the majority of people who develop apps for the iPhone or iPad have not touched Android.

Android users gobble up the most data

A new study reveals that Android phone owners are using more mobile data than anyone else.

Video game emulators pulled from Android Market

Some of the most popular apps on the Android Market have been yanked.

Evo 2 console will be like an Android-powered Xbox

Company Envizion has announced a new gadget that will bring the power of Android to your TV screen.

Rooted devices can't run Android movie rentals

Google has a new movie rental service for Android phones, but anyone who has tinkered with their phone will be SOL.

Android digital magazine service is nigh

n Android alternative to Apple's recently launched iPad magazine service is expected very soon.

Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab devices get Gingerbread push

Samsung's slate of Android smartphones and tablets are getting updated to Android 2.3.