Analysis: Amazon tablet could sell 5 million units

Amazon could be the biggest threat the iPad has seen yet, with the online retailer expected to launch its own tablet later this year.

On Amazon CEO's curious 'airbag phone' patent

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has personally attached his name to a most intriguing patent for a phone that has a half dozen tiny airbags.

Amazon offers unlimited cloud music storage

In a world where 'unlimited' is starting to fall out of favor, Amazon is offering a refreshing deal.

Amazon may be launching own tablet in August

The #1 online retailer wants to expand its internal product offerings.

Quanta already getting Amazon Android tablet orders

Amazon is pushing forward to get its own Android-powered tablet device.

Amazon officially responds to Apple "App Store" lawsuit

Amazon calls for immediate dismissal of frivolous suit over its "Amazon App Store" name.

Amazon opens cloud-based music storage service

Having to keep track of MP3 files can be a total nuisance. But Amazon is looking to change that.

Retailers tell Amazon to start charging tax

When it comes to shopping online, many consumers head immediately to sites that don't charge sales tax, which isn't sitting well with retailers that have to charge tax.

Cataclysm alert: Amazon launches Netflix-like streaming

Amazon has just launched a new video service that allows users to stream as many movies or TV shows as they want, in what is the most credible threat yet to Netflix's absolute domination in this market.

LivingSocial sells $20m in discounted Amazon cards

In the span of less than 24 hours, more than $26 million has been snatched up in gift cards, courtesy of a leading online coupon destination.

Amazon app makes you take a second look for holiday shopping

When you're at the mall and you see that "whoa, that's cool" gift, stop for a minute. Could you get it cheaper online? That's the kind of point-of-purchase question wants you to be asking, and it's why the online retailer has just launched a new iPhone app.

Watch out, Netflix! Amazon planning subscription video service

Amazon has reportedly been aggressively talking to Time Warner, Viacom, NBC Universal, and others to start building up a new online video service that would be the only firm competitor to Netflix's instant streaming program.