New details emerge over Acer's ex-CEO's departure

It was in fact largely because of the iPad that former Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci was ousted from Acer.

Acer launches 3D monitors

In case you're still craving more 3D entertainment in your life, Acer is stepping up its monitor portfolio.

Acer's Android Honeycomb tablet is $449

If you want to see all that Android 3.0 ("Honeycomb") has to offer, but can't afford a Xoom, here's a more economical option.

Acer CEO steps down

After disagreements with how the company should change moving forward, Acer's top man has decided to leave.

Acer will continue to offer Android/Windows 7 dual-boot

Netbook specialist Acer is apparently pleased with the idea it was the first to introduce: creating a netbook that lets users run either Windows 7 or Android.

Acer goes 3D with Aspire laptop refresh

3D computers haven't taken off the way other 3D media has, but that's not stopping computer manufacturers from taking the plunge. Acer is now stepping into that ring.