Glasses-free 3D company wants to make a CES splash

3D is bigger and better than ever these days, and it doesn't take a genius to assume that next month's CES will have 3D displays at every corner, but the question is who will win - glasses-free 3D or the more universally accepted 3D tech with glasses required?

Optics company to release prescription 3D glasses

If you currently wear glasses, watching a 3D movie in theaters will soon be as simple as just looking at the screen.

Stereoscopic 3D PC market: $0 to $34 billion in 4 years

The new stereoscopic 3D home standard is not just heading to your TV, it's also making its way to the PC market. And analysts predict that as many as 75 million 3D PCs will be sold in the next 4 years.