Ships could soon travel straight across North Pole

Within 50 years, ordinary ships will be able to negotiate shipping lanes through the Arctic Ocean during late summer, new UCLA research shows.

Ship date announced for Pebble smartwatch

The Pebble 'smart watch' that's generated so much interest on Kickstarter now has a ship date - 23rd January - with the 85,000 backers of the project set to receive their watches a few weeks later.

Unexploded bombs endanger Gulf of Mexico shipping

Oceanographers will today deliver a warning at a Puerto Rico conference that unexploded bombs beneath the Gulf of Mexico pose a severe threat to shipping, as well as oil and gas rigs.

iPhone 5 pre-order ship date slips two weeks

If you haven't already pre-ordered your iPhone 5, it's time to get out your sleeping bag and prepare to wait in line.

Endangered whale threatened by noisy ships

Noise from ships has cut the ability of critically-endangered North Atlantic right whales to communicate with each other by about two-thirds.

Shipping at risk from GPS jamming

GPS jammers are threatening shipping, a conference in the UK has been warned.

Whales stressed out by shipping noise

Low-frequency noise from shipping is causing chronic stress in whales, a study has found.

OS X Lion to ship today

Apple's launching the latest version of its Mac operating system, OS X Lion, today, adding new features aimed at iPad users.

Package tracking system takes social media to new heights

The factors that have made the Internet wildly popular might be able to change the way that way high-dollar and hazardous packages are tracked.

New research could help ships reduce drag

There is new research related to drag reduction that environmental tech geeks will love. It could help industries like shipping to lessen their energy use and carbon emissions.

Nokia's N8 ship date slides back

Nokia's warning customers that the N8 - launched only last week - will ship later than expected.

Apple eliminates iPad delivery delays

Apple appears to have fixed its supply problems for the iPad, after struggling to fulfil orders since the device's launch in April.