Miyamoto working on Wii U titles

Nintendo visionary Shigeru Miyamoto and fan favorite Retro Studios are hard at work on top-of-the-line Wii U games.

Nintendo vehemently denies Miyamoto retiring report

Nintendo has swiftly and unequivocally responded to a report that quoted Shigeru Miyamoto, one of its most influential employees, saying he wanted to step down.

What's the favorite Mario game of the man who created Mario?

The answer is one that won't surprise most people. Shigeru Miyamoto, the man who will always go down in history books as the creator of Mario, says his favorite game to feature the action hero plumber is Super Mario World.

Nintendo's Miyamoto wants Wii in schools

Shigeru Miyamoto, the man responsible for creating Mario, says his next big project is getting people to use the Nintendo Wii as an educational tool.