Will we ever want to have sex with robots?

Meet Roxxxy the sex robot with a triple XXX. Depending on your view 'she' is either at the cutting edge of the human-robot interface, or a modern reflection on some men's difficulties in relating to real-life partners. 

Dinosuars and sex: you know you want to know the details

Dinosaurs were the largest animals to ever walk Earth, and they ruled the planet for more than 160 million years. The long-necked Argentinosaurus, with back vertebrae almost two metres high, possibly grew to 30 metres long and weighed up to 80 tonnes. So did the earth really shake for them when they mated?

Xbox 360 owners excel in bed

XBox 360 owners are the the best in bed, a survey has found.

PC rental companies spied on customers in their homes

Seven rent-to-own companies and a software developer have settled federal charges that they spied on customers, including watching them having sex.

Atari: Sex, drugs and video games

There are plenty of places in the world that would make for great soap opera material.

Man finds female pleasure zone - all by himself!

A gynecologist from Florida says he's finally located the semi-mythical G-spot, an erogenous zone on the front wall of the vagina.

Google under the spotlight over sex trafficking ads

Google's being accused of doing too little to prevent ads from human traffickers from appearing on its sites.

Sex-starved fruit flies turn to drink

Sensitive little beggars, fruit flies - they take it hard when they're unlucky in love, and hit the bottle.

Condoms with QR codes check in users' location

If bragging about your sexual conquests on Facebook isn't enough for you, it's now possible to check in to a geolocation website with details of where you've been using a condom.

Are Android users easy?

Well, this is worth knowing: Android users are more likely to have sex on a first date, according to a Canadian survey.

The secret of a happy old age: lots of sex

Seniors with a regular sex life are more likely to be happy than celibate oldies, according to new research.

Do women prefer gaming to sex?

A recent survey commissioned by Doritos claims women who play online games prefer their electronic liaisons to taking a bath, shopping, working out and yes, having sex.

On sex and sleaze in Silicon Valley

Ah, Silicon Valley. Those two words conjure up images of gently rolling hills, shiny buildings and startup companies in hipster lofts filled with innumerable empty cans of Pabst and discarded pizza boxes.

Scientists say sex is key to evolution

Worms conceived via sexual reproduction are apparently endowed with a bolstered immune system that helps the creatures fight off deadly parasites.

Men lie about sex; companies lie about cybercrime

Cybercrime estimates are wildly misleading for the same reasons as surveys of mens' number of sexual partners, a Microsoft Research paper says.

Garter texts jealous boyfriends to warn of infidelity

Well, isn't this the most romantic thing you've ever heard? A UK husband and wife team is marketing a garter that alerts a woman's partner if she's in danger of being unfaithful.

No fun Fox News bashes Kinect Sex

Sex is not a game, Fox News has declared in self-righteous indignation, in response to a recent Kinect hack which saw game developer ThriXXX come up with a rather creepy, yet undoubtedly entertaining, use for the device which involves groping a girl sitting in a chair with a disembodied hand. 

First Kinect sex game released, but will it last?

Since its inception, the gaming community has spent many sleepless nights wondering when someone would succeed in taking the controller-less Kinect to the next level.

Researchers identify wild orgy gene

Ménage à trois? Wild orgies? One night stands? Who says science can't be sexy?

Internet demands Kinect sex, stat!

The Internet has been abuzz over Microsoft's Kinect, the gaming system we all know to rate our dance skills and helps us perfect our yoga poses.