Seth MacFarlane's Ted Gets a Slot Game

With the new South Park game, it’s great to see that humor has a place in gaming. Now Ted, the modern comedy classic by Seth MacFarlane, has gotten a slot game.

Flash Gordon to Get a Dark Reinvention

Many of us know Flash Gordon from the 1980 remake. Many of us can still remember the Queen score (Flash! Ah-ahhh!), and it was a really fun remake of the sci-fi classic. It didn’t do well at the box office, but it still has a strong fan following to this day. (It was even recently parodied in Seth MacFarlane’s Ted.)

Trying to Reverse a Death on Family Guy

There were recent reports that a major character on The Simpsons will soon die on the show. The sad irony of this is that we just lost Marcia Wallace, the voice of one of my favorite characters on the show, Mrs. Krabappel. While we don’t know whether plans will still go forward to have a character on The Simpsons pass away, we did just lose a character on Family Guy, and fans aren’t too pleased about this.

Seth MacFarlane is Back With Bordertown

Seth MacFarlane is one of those guys in television like JJ Abrams who always has a million things going on at once, and you wonder when either of them ever get any sleep. MacFarlane’s Family Guy empire is still going strong, and there’s a sequel in the works to Ted, one of the highest grossing comedies in history. 

Ted 2 Coming Summer 2015

Seth MacFarlane has had a remarkable career with the incredible success of Family Guy, and most recently Ted, which was a huge hit for Universal. In fact, Ted is one of the highest grossing comedies of all time, making $540 million worldwide, and the powers that be have been clamoring for a sequel.

Exclusive: The technology behind Ted

It’s amazing to think that one of the biggest movies of the year centers around a teddy bear, but Ted is fast becoming one of the biggest comedies of all time, if it isn’t there already.

On the ALF-Ted connection

ALF, the story of a rather cantankerous puppet from another world, was shown on NBC for several years back in the 80s.

Is Seth MacFarlane's Flintstones already history?

A creative genius like Seth MacFarlane just seems to keep creating new projects on a dime.

Seth MacFarlane is resurrecting Bedrock

It somehow makes sense that Seth MacFarlane will be bringing back The Flintstones.

On the generations of Star Trek

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane wants to bring Star Trek back to television for a new generation of young fans and older Trekkies who fondly remember the original series, TNG, Voyager, DS9 and Enterprise.