Avatar sequel almost ready for pre-production

James Cameron and Avatar have been in the news a lot lately, even if we're at least a good three years from the sequel hitting the theaters. 

ID4 sequel inches forward

A potential sequel for the sci-fi action Independence Day (ID4) seems to be moving forward, slowly but surely. 

Prometheus sequel is in the works

Although it garnered mixed reviews and audience response, there is apparently a Prometheus sequel in the works. 

Lindelof eyes Prometheus sequel

So the reviews are in on Prometheus, and there is pretty much a consensus that the human aspects of the film are somewhat lacking. Visually, however, the film is an undisputed knockout.

Will Joss Whedon return to The Avengers?

Ever since The Avengers came out to unprecedented box office revenues, there's been stories all over the 'Net about how Joss Whedon needs to come back for the Avengers sequel.

Prometheus is ready for a sequel

Besides The Dark Knight Rises, every self-respecting geek is absolutely looking forward to Prometheus when it hits theaters on June 8.

The Godfather reborn

We recently reported that Paramount was trying to halt publication of a new sequel to the Godfather, and discussed how the original Godfather negative was in danger of falling apart before Spielberg personally called the studio.

Get ready to die harder than ever

Bruce Willis had often said if he was ever going to do another Die Hard, it had to be something really good and different, plus I’m sure the Brinks truck had to pull up to his front door to really make it worth his while.

The oceans of Pandora

The oceans of Pandora and their threatened conditions will be a major focus of James Cameron's upcoming Avatar sequel.

Stephen King writes a sequel to The Shining

You look up prolific in the dictionary, and they may as well have Stephen King’s picture next to the definition.

Can Star Trek 2 hit warp 10?

It used to be a given that most sequels couldn't live up to the originals. Then again, the bar has been set rather high for sequels in recent years.

Report: Bethesda prepping new Elder Scrolls title

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion may be one of the most amazing fantasy role-playing games *ever* created. I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly been waiting impatiently for a sequel since way back in 2006.

It's official: Fable III expected to "piss" people off

The overhyped Fable II was a huge disappointment for many gamers, but Fable III may be even worse.