3 Online Businesses That Google Is Going To Destroy

Reports are out that Google is revamping its services to allow search users to find flights, and buy tickets in a broad approach unmatched by the average travel site. 

Google pushes its own agenda for mobile site design

Responsive design is making some web developers feel very smug and self-confident while raising the rates of User Experience and User Interface engineers everywhere because, Google.

New tool lets webmasters 'disavow' links

With Google cracking down on dodgy links, many reputable sites have suffered as links outside their control damage their search rankings. Now, though, the company's introducing a tool designed to let webmasters avoid this happening.

Polluted Russian city wants 'positive' Google search results

Russian city Chelyabinsk - widely known as the most polluted in the country - is using taxpayers' money for a search engine optimisation project aimed at cleaning up its image (though not the city itself).