Senators demand probe into bosses' Facebook password requests

Two US senators are demanding an investigation into allegations that many employers are ordering staff and job applicants to hand over their Facebook passwords.

Senators call for deeper Google probe

Two US anti-trust officials have written to the Federal Trade Commission asking for a thorough investigation of Google.

Senators propose law to limit location tracking

Two US senators have put forward a bill requiring companies to get permission from mobile users before sharing their locations data with others.

Now TSA wants senators patted down...

TSA chief John Pistole wants to bring airport screeners to Capitol Hill so senators can "fully understand" how controversial and unpopular pat-downs are conducted.

House turns its sights on Apple over new privacy policy

It's Apple's turn to come under scrutiny from senators for its privacy practices. Reps Edward J Markey and Joe Barton (yes, them again) are raising questions with Steve Jobs over Apple’s privacy policy.

Prepaid cellphones are dangerous weapons, say senators

The Times Square car bomber was aided in his attempt by the fact that he was wearing shoes, leading to a call from two US senators to make people register before buying footwear.

Senators call on Facebook to reverse privacy changes

Four senators are calling on Facebook to recosider its decision to reveal users' personal information to third party websites - information that they were previously able to keep private.