JILA physicists discover 'quantum droplet' in semiconductor

JILA physicists used an ultrafast laser and help from German theorists to discover a new semiconductor quasiparticle—a handful of smaller particles that briefly condense into a liquid-like droplet.

When graphene meets semiconductor

For all the promise of graphene as a material for next-generation electronics and quantum computing, scientists still don't know enough about this high-performance conductor to effectively control an electric current.

Towards a new era of atomic-scale semiconductor devices

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a new technique for creating high-quality semiconductor thin films at the atomic scale – meaning the films are only one atom thick. The technique can be used to create these thin films on a large scale, sufficient to coat wafers that are two inches wide, or larger.

TSMC ready for 18 inch wafers

Foundry-for-hire TSMC has reiterated plans to build its first 450mm wafer plant by 2017.

Layered '2-D nanocrystals' may lead to new semiconductor tech

Researchers are developing a new type of semiconductor technology for future computers and electronics based on "two-dimensional nanocrystals" layered in sheets less than a nanometer thick that could potentially replace today's transistors.

These semiconductors are cooled with laser light

Researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute have managed to successfully combine two worlds: quantum physics and nano physics.

Intel regains semiconductor market leadership

Intel is reportedly on the verge of reversing a trend which saw Santa Clara's dominant position in the global semiconductor market whittled away by aggressive competition from Samsung.

New alloy could split water to make fuel

A team of Kentucky scientists has found a way to 'tweak' an inexpensive semiconductor to generate hydrogen from water using sunlight.

Could Lyric's GP5 technology revolutionize gaming?

Lyric Semiconductor's sophisticated error correction component is helping to optimize flash memory. But could the company use its advanced probability processing to revolutionize the gaming industry?

Researchers develop 25TB titanium-oxide disc

A team of Japanese researchers has created a material that could be used to manufacture a low-price "super disc" with a capacity of 25 terabytes.

Sony designs "rollable" mini-OLED display

Sony has designed a "rollable" OTFT-driven OLED display that is small enough to be wrapped around a pencil.

ARM eyes lucrative server market

ARM is currently the undisputed heavyweight champion of the global mobile marketplace. However, the company has recently accelerated development of low-powered server chips in response to what it describes as "customer demand."

Report: iPhone 4G to use indigenous Apple processor

Apple is reportedly planning to use an internally designed application processor (AP) in its next-gen 4G iPhone.

Toshiba to manufacture advanced NAND chips

Toshiba has confirmed that it will be spending some 15 billion yen ($160 million) to build a test production line for advanced flash memory chips.