Nissan showcases self-driving car with LTE tech

Self-driving cars are becoming increasingly common, with Google-powered autonomous vehicles a popular sight on certain California highways.

Google's autonomous vehicle tech is on a roll

One of the most interesting projects Google is currently working on is probably the self-driving car, with Mountain View continuing to file a slew of patents related to advanced autonomous vehicle tech.

GM accelerates self-driving vehicles

A vehicle capable of driving itself may sound like something out of a science fiction story, but General Motors (GM) expects to equip its vehicles with such technology by the middle of this decade.

Video: Google's self-driving car goes to DC

Google's self-driving car made the rounds this week in DC as Mountain View lobbied lawmakers and interest groups to endorse its autonomous vehicle technology.

Google’s self-driving car rolls forward

Mountain View is currently in discussions with a number of major auto insurance companies about the implications of integrating its autonomous tech into real-world vehicles.