i-Robot SC EV is a like a souped-up Segway

The recently completed Interbike trade show in Los Vegas, Nevada showcased many related personal mobility offerings. One of those drawing some attention from the more technology focused lovers was Shanghai New Century Robot which, under its X-Robot label, showcased a two-wheeled transporter known as the i-Robot SC.

An inflatable wind turbine from the Segway guy?!

The inventor who gave the world the Segway - you know, that upright-riding, personal-transportation thing - is now seeking a patent for an inflatable wind turbine. 

This micro-cycle is way cooler than a Segway

At first glance, the RYNO Motors Micro-Cycle looks like something that could only exist in Portlandia, the hilarious send-up on Portland, Ore., from Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein.

Segway boss rolls to his death...On a Segway

Segway boss Jimi Heselden died Sunday after driving one of the vehicles off a steep cliff in West Yorkshire, 140 miles from London.

DTV Shredder goes to war

The DTV Shredder ain’t no candy ass Segway. No, this tricked-out, bad ass military vehicle is hella ready for war.