Serial ticket scammers indicted on 43 counts

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has indicted four individuals who allegedly made more than $25 million by fraudulently acquiring and reselling over 1.5 million entertainment tickets.

iPad scams spread on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook  and Twitter scams are sweeping the net, offering users the chance to beta test an Apple iPad.

US Secret Service shackled by ancient mainframes

The US Secret Service is reportedly shackled by outdated computer systems and an ancient mainframe dating back to the 1980s.

British politicians caught by Twitter sex scam

It's always pleasant to get a sexy message from your heart-throb, and Twitter followers of British energy minister Ed Milliband had a nice surprise this morning.

Microsoft DCMA slapdown backfires

Redmond has reared its ugly head and roared, slamming government document tipster site Cryptome with a DMCA notice and getting the site taken down by its hosting provider, Network Solutions, all because it dared to post Microsoft’s boring and standard surveillance compliance policy.

Upgraded Batplane takes to the skies

Northrop Grumman has successfully flown the first in a new series of Bat unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). 

Microsoft takes down massive botnet

Microsoft has been granted a license to kill by a federal judge, allowing it to take down the massive Waledac botnet.

Beijing cracks down on new Chinese websites

Beijing has issued yet another draconian directive that requires individuals to meet with government regulators before launching a website.

Elvis bypasses biometric border control

The world of biometric security managed to get all shook up when a couple of “ethical hackers” managed to get through Amsterdam airport’s border patrol with a passport under the name of Elvis Presley, complete with the hip-shaker’s picture.

Criminal hackers skim PIN numbers from gas pumps

Criminal hackers have reportedly managed to install electronic "skimming" devices at 180 gas stations across the state of Utah.

FTC ticks off dozens of firms over security breaches

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has warned almost 100 organisations that they're making personal information about their customers available to all and sundry.

Cellphones vulnerable to rootkit attacks

Computer scientists at Rutgers University say they've found a major security threat to smartphones that could cause them to eavesdrop on meetings, track their owners' travels, or rapidly lose all battery power.

US investigators track enigmatic Chinese hacker

US investigators are hot on the trail of an enigmatic Chinese hacker who allegedly developed the "critical" programming code used to attack Google and other western companies.

Pennsylvania school denies spying on students with laptop webcams

The Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania has attempted to downplay reports that it deliberately used laptop webcams to spy on students in their homes.

Google attacks linked to Chinese schools

The recent online attacks on Google and other companies have been traced back to a school and university in China.

Massive cyberattack hits systems worldwide

A new type of Trojan has attacked 750,000 computers around the world, affecting 2,500 companies and government agencies.

Website tells burglars when you're out

A new website called PleaseRobMe aims to highlight the dangers of broadcasting your every move on Twitter.

Cyberattack cripples US (You mean you missed it?)

Yesterday, a massive cyberattack took place against the US.

Chip and PIN 'vulnerable to fraud'

Criminals can successfully use credit and debit cards without knowing the correct PIN.

Dating scammers look forward to Valentine's Day gifts

Spare a thought for all those poor, lonely sheep farmers in Australia, who are apparently falling for online dating scams like never before.