Microsoft to launch free anti-malware software as beta “soon”

Microsoft confirmed that it is getting ready to make a test version of its upcoming anti-malware software soon. Code-named “Morro”, the software is promised to offer “basic protection” against common threats from malware on the Internet.

IT staff stealing company secrets

More than a third of senior IT workers in the UK and US are snooping at work, according to a survey.

Microsoft goes security patch crazy

A total of 31 vulnerabilities are addressed in security updates for software, Microsoft said.

Speaker calls for probe into nuclear information leak

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called on the US Government Accountability Office to investigate how a secret list of nuclear sites was accidentally released on the internet.

Twitter blocked in China

Fears of reaction to the 20th anniversary of Tianamen Square appear to have caused the Chinese government to block the phenomenon called Twitter.

Obama to appoint "cyber czar"

Digital security is clearly an important matter to President Barack Obama and he will today announce that he will appoint a "cyber czar" to oversee the nation's computer defenses.

RST develops advanced nuclear shield

RST has developed an advanced shield that protects individuals against ballistics, improvised explosive devices, dirty bombs and other types of radiological incidents.

AOptix develops air-to-ground laser communications system

AOptix Technologies has successfully tested an ultra-high bandwidth air-to-ground laser communications system. The system, developed for the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), is capable of providing uninterrupted coverage over 15,000 square kilometers.

10 Years After: Intel's Itanic still striking bergs

Ten long and action packed years ago, I snapped the first pictures of the Merced microprocessor - later to be called the Itanium.

Phone scams and virus 'epidemic' could be just round the corner

Experts are warning that an epidemic of viruses and mobile phone scams could be just around the corner.

Missing National Archives hard drive lacked any encryption

A security firm has hit out hard at US careleness in losing a terabyte of data which wasn’t even encrypted.

Internal users pose severe threat to public sector networks

A recent study by Cyber-Ark Software indicates that 80 percent of system breaches in public sector networks are caused by internal users."Mismanagement of privileged identities poses serious risks to organizations – in both the public and private sectors – leaving them vulnerable to threats that can be nefarious in nature, or simply caused by human error," explained Cyber-Ark CEO Udi Mokady.

Mobile nuke detector to patrol Florida streets

The state of Florida has purchased a mobile nuclear radiation detection system from Raytheon. The mobile SUV-based unit is expected to improve the state's ability to safeguard against nuclear terrorist threats on highways, bridges, overpasses, tunnels, ports of entry and public venues.

Updated: Phishing campaign launched against unsuspecting Facebook members

An unspecified number of Facebook members have received malicious e-mails redirecting them to external websites. The sites, which included, and, harvested user names and passwords after unsuspecting members supplied their Facebook login information upon request.    

Microsoft issues critical PowerPoint patch

Microsoft has issued a critical PowerPoint patch. The latest security update fixes several vulnerabilities that could allow malicious remote code execution."An attacker who successfully exploited any of these vulnerabilities could take complete control of an affected system," Microsoft warned in a security bulletin.   

FBI appoints first cybercrime expert outside US

The FBI is to base a computer crime expert in Estonia later this year, the first such posting outside the US.

UC Berkeley confirms data breach affecting 160,000 people

The University of California, Berkeley, confirmed that hackers accessed databases containing critical personal data of about 160,000 individuals. Those affected are informed now, but the damage may already be done – the breach began on October 9, 2008, and continued until April 9, 2009.

Barclays Bank wants you to pay for identity theft

I got my renewed credit card last week. It had a number on it so you could verify that you were the actual person that had got it - it wouldn't start working until you called the 0800 number. And then what happened?

FBI investigates hacker's ransom demand

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA - A hacker is demanding a $10 million ransom after claiming to have stolen patient information from a prescription drug database maintained by the state of Virginia.

AMD posts controversial virtualization value math

Opinion – AMD has its hands full to counter Intel’s Xeon 5500 processor, which is considered the highest performing server processor these days. Intel’s chip has some obvious weaknesses which AMD could go after, but we haven’t seen much of that yet. Instead, there is a new post discussing the dollar value of virtualization performance delivered, in a way that is easy for Intel to attack and for server customers to scratch their head over.