Australian atheists targeted by hackers

Atheist websites in Australia have been hit by distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Adobe sneaks out mega security patch

While bloggers tut-tut at Microsoft’s record 34 vulnerabilities, patched yesterday in 13 updates, Adobe has sneaked out fixes for a staggering 29 flaws in just two products.

Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, others also hit in Hotmail phishing attack

It has emerged that yesterday’s news of 10,000 Hotmail accounts being hacked was merely the tip of the iceberg and 20,000 AOL, Yahoo, Comcast, Earthlink and Gmail accounts have also been compromised.

Government anti-leak document leaked

There is more embarrassment for the UK Ministry of Defence after a document about how to avoid leaks of documents was leaked onto the internet.

Hotmail passwords get leaked online

Web site reported that thousands of Hotmail accounts were posted online a few days ago.

Filtering system fights DoS attacks more efficiently

Auburn University in Alabama has developed a new way of filtering out denial of service attacks on computer networks, including cloud computing systems, which it says could significantly improve security on government, commercial, and educational systems.

Bank forces suspension of Gmail user's account

A Gmail user had his email service suspended because a bank sent him other people's account details by mistake.

Apple's new Macs better be cheap

Opinion: It's no surprise that Apple will be unveiling new iMacs and MacBooks soon. Rumors have been floating for weeks and now retailers are running out of stock of existing units and being told, in effect, to wait for the new ones. Last time Apple updated its consumer line of personal computers it cut prices, but buyers continued to pay a premium for the Apple logo.

Digital ants seek out security threats

There's a sort of logic to it: security experts are fighting worms using a strategy modeled on the behaviour of ants.

AT&T invests in Intel snooping technology

The telco investigated for snooping on customers for the government in the wake of the September 11 attacks has decided to take advantage of a “call for help” feature on Intel's vPro technology.

Microsoft sues over "malvertising"

Software giant Microsoft is suing the writers of scareware code of the type that hit the New York Times over the weekend.

Scammers exploit Swayzee death

We saw it with Michael Jackson, we saw it with Farrah Fawcett - a celebrity death is bonanza time for spammers. And Patrick Swayzee is no exception, with scareware alerts appearing within hours of his death.

Captchas show machines just don't have warped minds

Those annoying little Captcha images look set to be around a while longer, following a study examining whether they really do prevent automated network attacks.

Hacked flight sim firm fingers suspect

The US publisher of a flight simulator site which was hacked in May says it has tracked down the perpetrator and provided evidence to the British police.

FCC forms cyber security group

A slew of recent hacking attacks has prompted the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to form a cyber security working group. The group is expected to assess the FCC's current cyber security expertise, identify vulnerabilities and submit recommendations to address any deficiencies.

ATM fraud increases

ATM fraud in Europe is rising fast, with criminals using increasingly sophisticated methods of attack.

Parents blamed for children cyber sex threats

The policeman in charge of child protection on the internet in the UK has warned that parents are failing to protect children from sexual deviants.

Help crack Nazi Enigma messages

Although it might be a little late, a network project has started to try and crack a couple of World War Two Enigma messages.

Snow Leopard security debate is much ado about nothing

The Snow Leopard security debate can best be described as a raging tempest in a teacup. Indeed, the majority of mainstream platforms - including Microsoft Windows - are inherently insecure.

Geronimo! Hackers attack Apache website

The web site of open source organisation The Apache Group was taken down on Friday after being hacked.