HP needs more discs for Lightscribe to keep edge, say disc makers

Hewlett-Packard (HP) needs to convince more Taiwan-based makers of optical discs to increase production of Lightscribe CD-R and DVD discs in order to remain competitive against Labelflash, the other competing direct disc labeling technology, according to makers of optical discs in Taiwan.

Qimonda and Nanya achieve qualification of 75 nm DRAM technology

Qimonda and Nanya Technology announced the successful qualification of its 75 nm DRAM trench technology and that they will first offer a 512 Mbit DDR2 memory chip as the first product using the technology.

80 nm may be transitional process in DRAM migration to 70 nm

DRAM makers using either trench or stack technology seem to be facing a bottleneck on their migration to 70 nm from 90 nm processes, and are putting out 80 nm products as a transitional process in the meantime, according to industry sources.

1 GB on the tip of your finger - Kingston's MicroSD Card on video

Los Angeles (CA) - How small can flash memory go? Well, Kingston has released a 1-GB MicroSD card that can fit on your fingertip. At the CTIA Wireless convention, Mike Sager of Kingston told us the card is mainly meant for mobile phones, but it does come with an adapter to fit an SD card slot. We show on video just how small the cards are... just don't sneeze or you may never find the card again.

Microsoft releases Office system 2007 tooling

Taking another step towards the release of the next version of Office, Microsoft has just made available tooling for Visual Studio developers who want to turn out applications for the upcoming Office 2007.

AMD shelves FB-DIMMs

AMD took FB-DIMMs off the roadmap for 2008.

VIA C7-D processor targets the environmentally conscientious

VIA Technologies on September 13 announced its VIA C7-D processor for desktop PCs, with a power consumption of 20 watts at 1.8 GHz.

Asustek G965-based motherboards with Shader Model 3.0 support expected later

Products utilizing Intel's G965 Express chipset with Shader Model 3.0 support are not among Asustek Computer's current motherboard offerings, though the company released its ASUS P5B-V series in August, featuring the Intel Core 2 processor/G965 chipset platform without Shader Model 3.0, sources indicated.

Segway PTs recalled

Segway today announced that it has "voluntarily" recalled its Personal Transporters (PT).

Epson starts volume production of new HTPS panels

Seiko Epson Corporation (Epson) has completed development and begun volume production of its new D6 series of high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) TFT-LCD panels equipped with hybrid driving technology that further enhances the performance of 3LCD type front-projectors and large-screen LCD project-ion TVs.

Viewsonic debuts Ipod LCD monitor

ViewSonic has showcased the world's first "Made for Ipod" LCD monitor, which features an integrated Ipod dock, at the 2006 Apple Expo in Paris. The ViewDock series LCD monitor has received authorization from Apple, and the new monitors will hit US, Europe and Taiwan markets in November. More here at DigiTimes.

Microsoft announces "ultimate" $250 keyboard set

Redmond (WA) - So you already have sunk your savings into that dual-core PC with dual-graphics and a large flat panel display. If your keyboard and mouse of you sparkling new system now look like the plastic dash in a $75,000 Corvette, then there's a solution. Microsoft will soon be offering new "desktop" sets consisting of fancy keyboards and mice.

The hard drive turns 50

The hard drive on Wednesday turned 50.

Western Digital intros its first perpendicular hard drive

Lake Forest (CA) - Western Digital (WD) has caught up with other hard drive manufacturers such as Seagate, Toshiba and Hitachi and is offering its first hard drive that uses perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR). The new 2.5" Scorpio drive stores up to 160 GB. Competitor Toshiba announced a reduced-size 1.8" PMR drive.

Dell's AMD computers now available

Round Rock (TX) - Following Michael Dell's announcement yesterday, Dell today released configuration pages for its initial AMD-based systems this morning. The computers can be ordered now and the company promises to begin shipping the built-to-order systems later this week. Dell heavily promotes the green party, which indicates a long-term commitment to AMD.

Mushkin announces 2 GB performance memory modules

Mushkin today said that it will begin offering DDR2-533 MHz memory modules with a capacity of 2 GB.

Microsoft patches new Office flaw

Microsoft has released its monthly set of security patches, fixing a critical flaw in Office.

IBM rolls out first Cell-based blade server

Armonk (NY) - IBM announced availability of what the company calls the first "generally available" computer system with a Cell processor. While the CPU is best known as the power plant of Sony's upcoming Playstation 3 console, it is marketed as a viable resource in computing-intensive fields, such as the medical, defense, animation, aerospace and oil industries, as well.

Micron speeds up reduced latency DRAM

Micron Technologies announced its next-generation networking memory. The company enhanced its reduced latency dynamic RAM (RLDRAM) II memory to enable faster data transfer across a network.

Intel to launch Core 2 Duo T5200 CPU in October - sources

Intel plans to start offering an entry-level Core 2 Duo processor, the T5200, for OEM notebook makers in October, in order to compete with AMD's entry-level Mobile Turion 64x2 CPUs, according to sources at Taiwan notebook makers. The planned launch of the T5200 CPU, which is not on Intel's initial roadmap for its Merom-series processors, apparently follows a previous Intel practice, when it launched two "unofficial" Core Duo CPUs, the T2250 and T2050, in June for the entry-level notebook segment, the sources noted.