Smartphones face creeping malware threat

Android not immune

iPhone bankers bitten by worm

Dutch courage required

Symantec confirms Internet Explorer exploit

Targets CSS vulnerability

Modern life is rubbish

Opinion: I've been working in IT for a good few years and like everyone else I have dealings with computers and related systems at home and in my everyday life. Over the course of time, I've come to the conclusion that everything to do with IT and computers is a bit shit. So much so, in fact, that it's become a bit of a catchphrase in our office.

Hackers steal confidential global warming data

1,079 emails and 3,800 documents

Mutant Koobface worm attacks Skype accounts

Probes Wikipedia, YouTube and Google

Microsoft: No backdoor in Windows 7

But NSA admits involvement in OS security guide

China has free reign over US computers

Committee warns Congress

British police bust Zbot Trojan ring

A zombie army "spewing" out spam

McAfee indulges in bout of cyber scare mongering

Evidence, dear boy, evidence

How to stop the Feds tapping your phone

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have discovered serious weaknesses in government wire tapping technology and published a paper detailing the loopholes.

Microsoft issues Windows 7 security advisory

Situation "actively" monitored

Put your faith in the cloud

Unless you know what you're doing

Egypt creates first Arabic domain name

Amid criticisms of internet censorship

Group takes control of dozens of Facebook sites

Aims to highlight privacy issues

Firefox 'most insecure browser'

Not much of a birthday present for Mozilla

Rickrolling worm infects jailbroken iPhones

Never going to give you up

Microsoft preps critical security updates

Tuesday patch blitzkrieg

US government opens $9m cyber security center

The US government is promising a more coordinated approach to cyber attacks, with the creation of a new $9 million cyber security center.

SSDs inch toward the desktop

Opinion: There's been a steady flood of news about the emergence of solid state drive (SSD) systems in mainstream products. Samsung has a 64GB miniSATA SSD about half the size of a business card; Dell offers its Adamo XPS notebook with a 256GB SSD; Teradata delivers a data warehouse appliance packed with SSD storage, and IBM has begun to use SSDs in its storage area network systems.