Automated flying surveillance 'bot targets civilian sector

A security company known as Secom has unveiled what it claims to be the world's first automated flying surveillance robot targeted at private security companies - rather than military or government entities which typically require drones surveillance missions.

Samsung mobile (Exynos) kernel found vulnerable to exploit

There are a number of talented hackers and modders working around the clock to root as many Android devices as they can.

This credit card has a display and number pad

There are various methods of making online financial transactions more secure for those who remain uncomfortable with using a standard credit or debit card.

The security features of Android 4.2

Android 4.2 offers improved protection from rogue apps installed via third-party stores.

Report: Pentagon fails to encrypt drone transmissions

A reasonable individual would probably assume US surveillance drones conducting recon missions over combat zones would be broadcasting an encrypted video feed.

Report: Faulty encryption leaves some Android apps vulnerable

A number of apps on the Google Play store may be leaking personal data.

DoE builds huge Android network to test security

The Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories has simulated 300,000 Android cellphones in order to study ways of making cellular networks more reliable and secure.

San Diego counter-terrorism summit preps for zombie hoard

Yes, The Walking Dead may be all the rage among genre fans, but as we all know, the CDC recently reiterated that there is currently no known virus capable of causing zombie-like symptoms or outbreaks.

Google snaps up malware scanning firm

Google's acquired VirusTotal, which offers a free service allowing users to scan files and website URLs for malware.

Extreme weather set to push food prices much higher

Oxfam is warning that climate change represents a far greater threat to the world's poor than previously believed, because of the effects of extreme weather on harvests and food prices.

BlackHat security conference involved in security scare

If you're running a security conference that you advertise as the 'biggest and best' of its kind, it's a little embarrassing when your delegates start receiving phishing messages.

LinkedIn faces lawsuit over security breach

An Illinois woman is launching a class action lawsuit against LinkedIn over the recent security breach which saw millions of passwords stolen.

Report: Chinese built US military chip has a back door

A number of legislators have expressed concern in recent years over the use of Chinese manfauctured electronic components in US military hardware.

The Diablo III hacking mystery

The launch of the long-delayed and much-anticipated Diablo III has been plagued by various issues in recent days.

Skype investigates tool used to reveal IP addresses

When it comes to online privacy, the more savvy users are quite serious about keeping certain information like IP addresses under wraps.

Microsoft proof of concept exploit ends up in hacker hands

The world of online security is frenetically paced, with a constant, ongoing battle between software companies and hackers.

Google suspends Wallet prepaid cards

Google has stopped creating new prepaid cards for Google Wallet, following the discovery of a security flaw that allows funds to be easily tapped.

Team breaks satphone security

Satellite telephony - long thought to be secure against eavesdropping - is nothing of the sort, say researchers.

Twitter buys anti-malware firm Dasient

Twitter has acquired web security firm Dasient, in a move which could make clicking on URLs in the social network a little safer.

Quantum computing could make cloud secure

Quantum computing techniques could be used to bring complete security to the cloud, says an international team of scientists.